Mass Effect is back, the real game to be a real space commander

Next May 14, EA and Bioware will launch the version Legendary of Mass Effect, the best science fiction saga and space opera from the world of videogames. Commander Shephard’s story for save the universe from the threat of the Reapers It ran for three games between 2007 and 2012, going from a shooter RPG to a shooter with RPG elements and hooking millions of players.

Now, Mass Effect comes back with updated graphics and mechanics, more than 40 extra content and, above all and most importantly, the same epic story and narrative.

RESERVE Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for PS4, for € 69.99 on Playstation Store.

It was in November 2007 when Mass Effect landed on Xbox 360 and computers. Developed by Bioware, the makers of wonderful classic games like Baldur’s Gate, Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic The Neverwinter Nights; the story begins after humanity has relatively recently discovered how to travel at the speed of light. He has just entered a kind of Galactic Council that manages the Milky Way, being the youngest race in the known universe.

Mass Effect put us in the role of Commander Shepard, a human soldier from whom we could choose his sex and appearance, newly chosen as a Specter, a kind of intergalactic special agent.

His first mission is to face the threat of an army of a race of robots, the Geth, led by a rogue Wraith named Saren Arterius. Throughout the game, it is discovered that who is behind this threat are the Reapers, an ancestral race type Lovecraft appearing every 50,000 years to destroy all intelligent life in the galaxy.

The great novelty of Mass Effect was that you could not only customize the character, if not all the history and moral behavior of it. Throughout the game you were making multiple decisions that marked Shepard’s personality, being able to acquire good people or bastard points or, as they say in the game, Paragon or Renegade.

Those decisions marked the plot to some extent but, above all, the relationship with the other characters, perfectly developed and with their own personality. Mass Effect, regardless of how much fun it is to play, hooks for its narrative, characters, the relationship between them and the incredibly rich universe and fascinating created by Bioware.

And the most magical thing about this saga is that those characteristics are repeated between the three games and they form a complete story, an epic that ends in a final fight for the fate of the Milky Way. A fascinating story arc that reflects on concepts such as space exploration motivated by extractive companies, the racism and hatred between species, private armies and their control over democratic mechanisms, the patriarchy violent and consensual matriarchy, technocracy, biogenetic weapons, the conflicts between imperialism and democracy, the debate on whether artificial intelligence is life or not … all seasoned with shots and decisions that went from one game to another.

The basis of the game was the exploration of scenarios with a team of three characters. While the first game was pure RPG, with each aspect of combat controlled by the player and the tactical placement of the fighters being more important, the next two placed more emphasis on the skill of shooting and the use of covers. In addition to this aspect, it was necessary to move around the Universe looking for missions. Mass Effect is the great saga to play to be Star Trek.

After the original saga, only one more game has come out within this universe, Andromeda, which passed the action and the plot thousands of light years away and in another temporal space, completely removed from the original trilogy. Released in 2017 and maybe because of the effect hater from fans who didn’t want to leave Shepard, he was greeted as a good game for the critics but not for the players.

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On November 7, in addition to announcing the Legendary edition of the original saga, Bioware advised that it is working on a new game in the universe Mass Effect. With almost no information about it beyond some concept drawings, has already raised the hype among the fans, although there are still a few years to come. In the meantime, the Shepard saga will have to be played again to kill the waiting bug.

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