“Mass Effect: Legendary Edition”: Fans can hope for an early release

The “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” is a remake of the Shepard trilogy.

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The “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” has no official release date yet. But two independent leaks point to the same date.

The „Mass Effect: Legendary Edition“* should appear in spring 2021. That much was already known from the publisher Electronic Arts. The specific release date now seems to have been leaked. Two different online shops independently indicate the same date.

“Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” will be released in March

The Twitter user “Idle Sloth” noticed that the Singaporean retailer Shopitree the 12th March as the publication date for the “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition“Indicates. The second online shop is GSShop from Indoniesen. As Eurogamer reported, he had also published a trailer showing the same date called. The article pages in the online shops have now been removed. The Twitter user was able to take a screenshot of it:

“Mass Effect: Legendary Edition”: That includes it

EA has not yet made any official announcements about the release date, apart from the information that the game will be released sometime in spring 2021.

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What is known about “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” so far: It is a bundle of the “Mass Effect” trilogy, which to the DLCExtensions includes. In addition, the graphics and performance are significantly improved. The remastered trilogy should therefore support 4K resolution and offer a better frame rate.

“Mass Effect” fans have long been longing for a remaster of the first games in the series. The “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” was announced at the Game Awards last December. Also was a first Trailer of the next Mass Effect“-Part shown, which features characters from the Shepard trilogy. Part 4 will therefore probably tie in with the events from “Mass Effect 3” and leave “Andromeda” outside.

The “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” is for PC, PS4 und Xbox One appear. Thanks to the backward compatibility, the game will also run on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. (Ök) * tz.de is part of the nationwide Ippen editorial network.

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