MasterChef Celebrity: Damián Betular revealed the secret rule that jurors must follow

The MasterChef Celebrity jury revealed that there is a secret rule that you must respect for your role in the pageant

Damien Betular was invited to Team flower (Telefe) this Tuesday and was encouraged to count some unknown details on MasterChef Celebrity. The jury assured that there is a “secret rule“that the three experts must respect in a mandatory way, during the first season of the kitchen reality show:”We cannot follow participants on social media“.

In dialogue with Florence Peña, the pastry chef said that despite the emotional climate that exists in the final stages of the competition, both he and German Martitegui and Donato de Santis, they must put aside any subjectivity. “We do not know anything about their personal lives; as soon as the cameras are turned off they go one way and we another,” he said.

The driver was incredulous and reminded him of the moment when they tearfully dismissed Leticia Siciliani, and his confession after elimination. “Just with Leti I waited after her elimination so as not to mix things up, and there I was able to tell her that I see her very similar to my sister, and that I feel we have a very similar way of thinking,” revealed Betular.

MasterChef Celebrity: Damián Betular confessed his link with Leticia Siciliani – Source: Telefe


He even said that until the first season of the program is over, he cannot have contact with Siciliani: “The day after the final we already agreed that we are going to have a drink, because I know that we are going to be very friends; we have many things in common in our lives”.

Intrigued, Peña inquired about how strict the distance rules are between “jury” and “participant.” The pastry expert was blunt with his answer: “We can’t follow them on social media nor have any link outside the professional relationship that we maintain during the recordings. “

Damián Betular said that they cannot follow the participants on social networks, while they are part of MasterChef Celebrity

Marcelo polino, the ambassador of the successful cycle that is already preparing the second installment with new participants, asked the jury if they did not find out from the media about the contestants’ private lives: “The day that a The Polish It was very bad for him, it was just the night the woman left the house with her baby, don’t you know those things? “

“El Polaco never said anything, and we judge them every day in the same way. There are no favorites, and that is why afterwards the public is surprised with the decisions we make, “Betular clarified. The exception to the rule was the death of Diego Maradona, for which Claudia Villafañe had to be absent during a gala, and they even mentioned the sad news of the soccer star’s passing on the show.



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