Mauricio Macri, on the VIP vaccination: “I share the outrage of the Argentines”

The former president said that the vaccine was not given and said that he will not be immunized “until the last of the Argentines at risk and essential workers have received it.” Source: Archive

The former president of the Nation Mauricio Macri repudiated tonight vip vaccination that was carried out from the Ministry of Health, in charge of Ginés González García, where personalities, officials and other close associates of the political field agreed to the first dose of the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V.

“I repudiate that the Government, from the Ministry of Health itself, has facilitated VIP vaccination for friends and supporters. I share the outrage of the Argentines in front of those who decided to put themselves ahead of so many other risky people, “he said through his Twitter account.

The former president also stated that the vaccine was not applied and added: “Nor am I going to do it until the last of the Argentine at risk and essential workers has received it.”

The vip vaccination scandal ended with the resignation of the Minister of Health Ginés González García, who was replaced by Carla Vizzotti.

The new Minister of Health of the Nation authorized this Sunday as an emergency the vaccine of Chinese origin, whose scientific name is BBIBP-CorV. The arrival is scheduled for Thursday, and a new batch of the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V., is also expected to enter the country this week.

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