Maxima from Holland and the maroon pencil skirt that conquers the ‘royals’

Máxima from Holland has worn a skirt very similar to the one that Queen Letizia and Meghan Markle wore a year ago, and it is confirmed that it is the trend of the season.

Leather has become one of the winter’s most wanted fabrics, although at this point we could say that in reality this material does not understand seasons, and is super timeless. We see it in all kinds of garments, from skirts and pants to shirts and jackets. And one of its greatest royal exponents it is Queen Letizia. Let’s remember that maroon leather skirt that she wore during her visit to Seoul (South Korea). It was a piece signed by Hugo Boss which he combined with a white puff-sleeved shirt with a mandarin collar.

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But it is precisely a day later meghan markle attended a roundtable on gender equality with The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT) and One Young World at Windsor Castle, with the same leather pencil skirt.

Maximum from Holland and the leather skirt that fascinates the ‘royals’. | R van Lonkhuijsen / GTRES

Soon this pencil skirt went viral and conquered the streets. Almost a year later the phenomenon has occurred again. We first saw her Matilde from Belgium, and now it is the turn of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

On the occasion of the celebrations of Entrepreneur Day in Holland, Maximum has visited the construction company and boat repair Boeg BV & Boeg Nautic Scheveningen, and has seen first-hand how they carry out their work in times of coronavirus. And for the occasion she has opted for a two-piece, a maroon blouse with a neck tie, which is part of her wardrobe, and the star of the outfit, midi skirt from the firm Natan, the same one that Matilde from Belgium wore in February.

Máxima de Holnada and Boeg BV & Goeg Nautic and Scheveningen. | R van Lonkhuijsen / GTRES

It is a sustainable pencil skirt (545 euros) that has been done with a vegan fabric, to be exact it’s a waxed linen design that emulates leather without being it. It’s aubergine color, high-waisted, with a small side slit and a lacing-type belt for a small waist effect.

Maximum has completed the look with a black mask, jewel earrings with various colored stones, a handbag and high heels, both accessories in the same tone as the skirt and signed by L.K. Bennett.

As we have seen in the past, there are many royals that opt ​​for this style of mid leather flada.i. Doña Letizia, for example, not only has it in red, but also in black, like Rania from Jordan and Meghan Markle liked it so much that she has the same skirt in red and green.

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