“May the 4th”: Know the festive date created by the fans of “Star Wars”

Star Wars is one of the most successful sagas in the history of cinema, with estimated collections of more than US$ 10.319 millones since its premiere in 1977. Such has been its impact and legacy on humanity, that it has its own celebration established by fans of this series of films.

Despite having nine films, five series and several video games, the day known as May the 4th Be With You (May the force be with you) curiously was born as a result of a political event and not a George Lucas production.

On May 4, 1977, with the world still stunned by the premiere of Star Wars: A New Hope, a British newspaper public a peculiar reference dedicated to Margaret Thatcher for her rise to power in the UK.

The newspaper London Evening News She collected the congratulations of Thatcher’s colleagues, after being appointed the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and took up an original message that said: “May the 4th be with you, Maggie” (May the force be with you, Maggie).

The congratulation made reference to the phrase What did the Jedi say to each other in A New Hope and that caused a sensation among the followers of this saga: “May the force be with you”. Since fourth (4th) and force (force) have a similar pronunciation in English, May 4 was taken by fans to Star Wars as the date to celebrate this series.

Although this celebration has its origin in the 70s, it was not until 2011 that began to take place. On May 4 of that year, during the Toronto Underground Cinema festival, all the films of Star Wars to remember the famous phrase expressed in the films.

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From that moment, every year the millions of followers of this saga flood social networks with messages and images, or they carry out marathons with each of the films, to commemorate May the 4th Be With You day.

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In order to celebrate On Star Wars Day This Year, Disney + Will Launch New Series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. It will also show designs and images made by amateur artists. In addition, the video games in this saga will have discounts on all consoles.

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