May with little rain and isolated cold inputs

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May began to show the first marked symptoms of autumn, but the variability of rainfall and temperatures will be very important throughout the month.

With the first entry of cold air with winter characteristics, the month of May began, causing temperatures below average levels for the time of year. Also, prior to the entry of cold air, rains and storms of varying intensity were observed over the eastern fringe of the country, with developments that were important, with strong gusts of wind and the record of hail in some specific sectors.

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But Throughout the month of May, significant changes in conditions will be observed, both in the analysis of rainfall and temperatures. Such is the case, that from now on an important high pressure center will be installed over the central portion of the country that will generate conditions of totally stable weather, added to low humidity and low temperatures, which will help to maintain the stability characteristics.

Below-average rainfall

The month of May inaugurated with some rains that were occasionally very prominent, especially over the province of Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos and wide sectors of Uruguay, which left material damage, both due to the gusts registered and the fall of moderate-sized hail. But despite this particular situation, the trend for the month as a whole shows lower-than-average rainfall characteristics in a large sector of southern South America.

The entire northeast of Argentina, such as the Litoral region and the Pampean area, show a trend of rainfall below average levels., and alone There is a slight trend of precipitation above the averages over the west of the Cuyo region. This medium-term projection shows that the core of rains below the average parameters not only involves Argentina, but also Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay.

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Among the direct consequences that this situation can cause, a very important one to highlight is the height of the level of the Paraná River, which is already showing very low levels for the time of year, a situation that has been causing it since last year, since the entire upper basin of the river has been presenting rains below the averages and as of this month the dry period begins in the entire area of ​​the La Plata basin.

Frosts at the beginning and end of the month

The decrease in thermal marks was one of the most salient notes of the first days of the month, since April had been presented with values ​​much higher than the average parameters for the time of year. But the ingress of the significant cold air mass resulted in a steep decline in thermal marks, even causing frosts of varying intensity. But these features will not be permanent, in fact, from the end of the week the wind will change to the north sector and will significantly modify the temperature, with a significant increase throughout the center and north of the country.

In the monthly average, the temperature values ​​are expected to be slightly lower than the statistical values ​​for the month of May.This is due to the significant variability that will be observed throughout the month. Between these temperature fluctuations, it can be seen that both the first as the last week of the month of May would be the coldest times of the month, while the second and third week would present a slight tendency to values ​​higher than normal.

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