Mayra Rojas had her Instagram account hacked from Turkey

Last December, Mayra rojas lost total control of your Instagram account, after I know they will hack it from Turkey and extorted money to get it back.

In an interview for the program ‘De Primera Mano’, the actress detailed how it was that fell into the clutches of these hackers and alerts people not to fall like her.

That was my innocence because my Instagram had several videos of bits of the soap opera that I made ‘Like you there are not two’ and I began to upload images of myself within the novel that obviously said that for example in Chile they could not be seen because they are owned by Televisa and what was I incurring a copyright… And suddenly a direct message arrives on Instagram telling me that I was committing a crime, I had to delete the videos because copyright was very important to Instagram“.

Mayra says that was afraid to be doing something wrong, so he put everything on his part so that the social network would not take it away, even provide all your data in a link that to her seemed very safe and real, but it was just the hook with which they took over his account.

The situation got so tough that they even tried extort her to supposedly return their profiles: “They send me a message to my phone telling me ‘we have your account ‘ and later I discover, since I managed to recover my account, it cost me a lot of work, it is that in Turkey they are dedicating themselves to commit fraud, ask you for money to get your account back and obviously the people who helped me get it back told me ‘be very careful because they start asking you for money’“.

And although lost multiple postsluckily Mayra managed to recover his profile of Instagram and wanted to tell her experience so that other people do not fall like she did.


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