McDonald's chef, who eats the fast food chain TWO times a day, claims that Britain will close a Brexit deal

McDonald's chef, who eats the fast food chain TWO times a day, claims that Britain will close a Brexit deal

A McDonald's boss has challenged British consumers to get a High Street sandwich better for them & # 39; more than a Big Mac.Paul Pomroy, chief executive of the British empire of the fast food giant, eats McDonald's twice a day and says he only has one per cent chance of a heart attack. The paternal order of the father of two includes porridge or a bagel at breakfast, with a wrap or salad as lunch – and treats itself once or twice a week on a Big Mac. But he jumped into the defense of McDonald's maligned, characteristic citizen and claims he is healthier than most High Street chain salads.

How High Street sandwiches relate to the malicious Big Mac citizen of McDonald's

Paul Pomroy, CEO of McDonald & # 39; s UK, said he eats from the chain twice a day – and treats himself once or twice a week to a citizen. [a Big Mac] less than 500 calories! I challenge you to find a sandwich in a High Street chain that is less than that, "he told the Evening Standard. & # 39; Do I have a Big Mac and fries every day? Of course not. I treat myself once or twice a week. But I eat McDonalds twice a day and I have just flown through my health check. & # 39; The Bromley-born CEO also brutally claimed that the chicken fillet in their sandwich is the & # 39; the same chicken you buy in Waitrose & # 39 ;. The chief executive, who grew up in Bromley, London, is opposed to a second referendum and focused on critics of McDonald's food quality.

According to the director of the McDonald's, he claims that the chicken breast in their chicken sandwich is the same chicken you buy in Waitrose & # 39 ;.

The British chief of McDonald's said it does not want to wake up at night and think about the possibilities of a no-deal Brexit High Street food that contains more calories than the Big Mac , including a southern fried chicken from Waitrose, a roast chicken and sausage sandwich from Tesco, a smoked ham and a freerange sub from Sainsbury's. Regg's Mexican chicken baguette and avocado, olive and tomato bag from Fun A Manger also contain more calories than the Big Mac. The profit before tax of McDonald's Restaurants Limited was 19% higher in 2017 than a year earlier, for a stunning £ 341 million. The head of McDonald's claimed that part of the reason behind the success of the chain is that they & # 39; great value & # 39; have – not because they are cheap & # 39; to be. I get annoyed when people mistakenly assume that there is a microwave there. We really cook food. We take no stuff out of a freezer and zap it. We have the shortest supply chain of every retailer, & # 39; said Pomroy.

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