McDonald’s responds to the backlash of the pot with Big Mac sauce

Earlier this week, McDonald finally answered the prayers of fast food fanatics across the nation and released his iconic Big Mac sauce in the form of a pot.

50p plates are currently available for purchase in McDonald’s restaurants up and down the country and people have lined up to get their hands on some.

But while many were delighted with the news, others went to social media to beat the pots, believing that they were made of disposable plastic.

In response to one of McDonald’s Twitter posts, a shopper asked: ” @McDonaldsUK are they made of recycled plastic and are they recyclable? ”

Another tweeted: “Oh well more disposable plastic pots? Why not something that can be recycled? The world is increasingly aware of the problems of plastic waste and it seems #McDonalds could you care less ?? ”

“Other plastic waste. A nice Mcdonalds. How many of these will end up in the hedges? Or taking it to landfill?” slammed a third.

After reading the comments, the Manchester Evening News got in touch with McDonald’s and asked if the jars were made of disposable plastic.

A spokesman for the fast food chain confirmed that the pots are recyclable, so if you were worried about buying them, you can be sure that you will be able to recycle after using them.

However, it is not just the material that vessels are made of that affects people.

Others were unhappy after stocking up, only to find that Big Mac sauce lasts for seven days. Read the story here.


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