The McLaren 720S has been dreadful for years with its dramatic styling and endless winnings on brake pads. Therefore, it is not surprising that a Spider version arrives just in time for Christmas.

As with the 650S Spider, the 720S has a folding hardtop assembly that slides under a hinged lid located on the well-known 4-liter V8 engine with two turbochargers. On both sides of the tonneau there are two buttresses that are now divided into two parts. The one is made of carbon fiber and houses the rollover protection of the spider, while the other is made of glass and maintains the coupe-like silhouette. This use of glass was apparently developed for two reasons: First, to improve the visibility of the shoulder, but also to keep the new spider close to the glassy cockpit aesthetics of the standard coupe.

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The roof itself is standard in carbon fiber, but this can also be specified in electrochromic glass, allowing the driver to switch between a clear and opaque finish at the touch of a button. To simplify the new roof and powered mechanism, McLaren needed to redevelop the coupe's Monocell II carbon sump, remove the central spine and redesign the rear shelf. Despite removal of the central spine of the tub, no additional stiffening was required so that the total weight would be only 49 kg to 1332 kg "dry" without this affecting torsional rigidity.

Compared to the coupe, the performance is therefore usually not affected: 62 miles per hour took only 2.9 seconds, 124 mph in 7.9 seconds and a top speed of 212 miles per hour with the roof raised and 202 miles per hour at a lower speed , The powertrain is also unchanged from the well-known 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 710 hp and a torque of 568 lb ft.

To address the new Aero Balance of the 720S Spider, the active rear wing is now used with other parameters and controls in different places whether the roof is up or down. The remainder of the dynamic package is borrowed from the Coupé with the same hydraulic steering and steering systems from the Proactive Chassis Chassis Control II.

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In addition to the new body, there are two new colors in the standard 720S pallet and a new design with ten spoked wheels. If these finishes do not work for you, McLaren Special Operations is always available to make your McLaren convertible a little more personal, if your paperback allows it.

Starting at £ 237,000, the coupe costs £ 28,400 and is over £ 30k higher than a Ferrari 488 Spider. Orders are accepted immediately. Customer delivery will begin in March next year.