Thu 15 Aug 2019

Karen McLintock is keen to give Dubawi Fifty a chance to be seen in his true face after a disappointing stint in Goodwood next week in York.

The Northumberland coach felt that the prospects of her intelligent steward were impaired when she was sitting in the back of the field for the flag launch. After that, he could no longer compete in the two and a half-mile Unibet handicap and finish the field.

"He's absolutely fine, he did not have a tough race," McLintock said.

"It was just the beginning, he was abandoned and did not make up the ground."

Dubawi Fifty had only received a headshot on his last start on the Northumberland Plate, and the first £ 1 million Sky Bet Ebor on 24 August is the obvious target.

However, the six-year-old is not guaranteed a run with a maximum of 22 runners. There will be an alternative race during the four-day meeting, a two-mile handicap on Wednesday and the corresponding explanations on the Monday morning before confirmation for the Ebor.

"We hope to choose the Ebor, but it's unlikely we'll get a run," she said.

"I think there are 12 that need to come out before us.

"I'm going to sign him up on the 21st because of the handicap, but I have to explain that before the confirmations for the Ebor take place, it's a bit tricky.

"I have to call and ask what I can do."