MCU star wanted to act in the “Star Wars” film and that went really wrong ·

Tom Holland became famous for his role in the MCU. But before his breakthrough, he auditioned for “Star Wars”. That went really wrong, however.

Tom Holland is now one of the big stars of Hollywood. As the newest Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), he celebrated his breakthrough and will soon be seen in films outside the MCU, such as “Uncharted”. Although Holland is now a professional and certainly not a few studios would like to hire him for roles, he too started small and embarrassed himself at auditions.

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Holland tells in a conversation with Backstage of his horror stories auditioning for various roles: “I have a few of them. I’ve already read the wrong lines of text at the wrong audition. ”But he still remembers the casting interview for“ Star Wars: The Force Awakens ”. During the audition he had to laugh so much at the acting of his scene partner that he couldn’t stop.

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Tom Holland auditioned for the role of Finn on Star Wars

Holland explains what exactly happened during the audition:

“I remember my audition for Star Wars. That was my fourth or fifth audition and I think I auditioned for John Boyega’s role (Finn, editor’s note). I remember playing a scene with a woman […] and it was just a drone. I said, ‘We have to go back to the ship!’ And she went: ‘Bleep, bloop bloop, bleep bloop.’ I just couldn’t stop laughing. I just thought it was so funny. And I felt really bad about trying very hard to be a compelling Android or drone or whatever you call them. I obviously didn’t get the role. That wasn’t my best moment. “

You have to keep in mind that Holland was only around 18 years old during this conversation. Nowadays he would certainly act differently. With the lead role as an army veteran in the Apple drama “Cherry”, he at least proves that he can play more adult roles.

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If Holland had actually got the role of Finn, no doubt someone else would be the new Spider-Man. And both John Boyega and Holland are made for their roles. In retrospect, everything turned out to be good.

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