Medical student suffocates to death on the chocolate cake at the bar food contest – World News

A medical student died during a competition to eat a chocolate cake that was held in a bar in Moscow, Russia.

The competition was captured by CCTV and Dr. Alexandra Yudina was seen with her mouth full and unable to swallow properly at the end of the competition.

The 23-year-old woman, who was diagnosed with the bee for six months of leukemia, covers her mouth with her hands and pats herself on the chest.

A few seconds later, as she walked away from the table where the competition was held, a photographer takes her photo, but suddenly becomes unstable on her feet.

The person next to her tries to catch her but collapses on the floor of the Killfish bar.

Alexandra Yudina died at the age of 23

Reports say he still had the cake in his mouth and he was blocking as he gasped to breathe the windpipe.

The bar staff and her medical student friends hurried to help her but were unable to eliminate the blockade.

An ambulance team arrived quickly but was unable to save her.

He took part in the food competition

The scary accident footage was released by pro-Kremlin REN TV and party goers during the tragic event.

It was later revealed that Alexandra – known to her friends as Sasha – was diagnosed with leukemia six months ago.

“I want to take full advantage of the possibilities to have fun,” he said to friends as he took part in the challenge of eating the cake against two others.

Suddenly he was unable to breathe

He hadn’t planned on doing it when he went out on Saturday night with friends, but joined when the contest started, reportedly.

Three competitors were given three chocolate cakes.

Subsequent reports reported that he had been asked to eat three Choco Pies – a cake with a marshmallow filling – as quickly as possible.

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The videos show how the doctor in training ate the first one and then tried to eat two at the same time.

Alexandra had happily been “drinking, dancing and joking” earlier in the evening, her friends said.


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