Medvedev live: ATP Finals semi-final online today

(5-3) 40-30 Medvedev is going long. SET BALL FOR NADAL.

(5-3) 30-30 The star on the net is the Russian and pays it with the racket.

(5-3) 15-30 Nadal’s long cross drive goes away.

(5-3) 15-15 Very great rest of Medvedev, but Nadal has been more attentive to return him with a boat early and make a perfect drop.

(5-3) 0-15 Se le va larga a Nadal.

5-3 ¡BREAK PARA NADAL !! The full effectiveness could not always last him with the first services and as soon as the seconds arrived, Nadal took the opportunity to break. Spanish then serves to close the sleeve.

(4-3) 40-0 Medvedev failure and THREE BREAK BALLS FOR NADAL.

(4-3) 30-0 Nadal, closer to his first break balls.

(4-3) 15-0 Nadal takes the first point in this serve from Medvedev.

4-3 GAME FOR NADAL. The Russian continues to pressure the rest, but Nadal does not fail and continues to maintain the initiative on the scoreboard with his service. Let’s see if he now has a chance with Medvedev’s serve.

(3-3) 40-30 Good point between the two, in the end the net extended a hand to Medvedev.

(3-3) 40-15 Nadal insists on Medvedev’s backhand and the Russian ends up failing.

(3-3) 30-15 Medvedev’s long ball, saw a lot of free court and passed by.

(3-3) 15-15 Medvedev’s winning right.

(3-3) 15-0 Good service from Nadal and Medvedev fails with the rest. The first time with Nadal’s serve turns that the Spanish scored the first point.

3-3 GAME FOR MEDVEDEV. Russian does not give options with his service.

(3-2) 15-40 Rest to the body by Nadal.

(3-2) 0-40 Another one for Medvedev’s account.

(3-2) 0-30 Ace de Medvedev

(3-2) 0-15 The rest of Nadal does not enter the track. Medvedev is 100% with first serves.

3-2 GAME FOR NADAL. The Spanish continues to take the initiative with his service, although he is having problems with the former. Second step for the chair in the match and then Medvedev will serve.

(2-2) 40-30 Nadal’s serve and volley with Manacor’s first serve.

(2-2) 30 -30 Medvedev failed attacking from the right.

(2-2) 15-30 Nadal’s reverse crashes into the net.

(2-2) 15-15 Spanish puts the tables

(2-2) 0-15 Medvedev resolves at the net after a long exchange of blows.

2-2 GAME FOR MEDVEDEV. The Russian is having a very good percentage of firsts.

(2-1) 30-40 Spanish approaches on the scoreboard.

(2-1) 15-40 Medvedev left.

(2-1) 15-30 The Russian takes the lead again with his service.

(2-1) 15-15 Good rest from Nadal and complicates Medvedev, who sends her to the corridor with the parallel.

(2-1) 0-15 Point for Medvedev.

2-1 NADAL TAKES HIS SERVICE FORWARD. The Russian has made things difficult for him but Nadal has solved well, lifting the three break balls that have been in this game.

(1-1) Ad-40 Opportunity now for Nadal to close the game after making a difficult balloon to Medvedev and take the opportunity to put the winning drive.

(1-1) 40-40 Nadal saves her with a good serve! The rest does not enter Medvedev’s track.

(1-1) 40-Ad What a ball from Medvedev to the corner with the parallel! BREAK BALL FOR MEDVEDEV, the third in this game.

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(1-1) 40-40 Save the Christmas break ball!

(1-1) 40-Ad She is hooked on Nadal. He’s playing a lot of second serves and it’s taking a toll on him. BREAK BALL FOR MEDVEDEV

(1-1) 40-40 Nadal saves her! He held the Spaniard and put a long ball Medvedev.


(1-1) 40-40 What a blow in Medvedev’s career, he achieved a good angle and Nadal could not answer it.

(1-1) 40-30 Medvedev long ball.

(1-1) 30-30 Nadal serve and net to put the tables in his second round of service.

(1-1) 15-30 The Russian attacks and ends up taking the point. Nadal defended himself with the parallel but he bounces him in the hall.

(1-1) 15-15 Good volley from Nadal.

(1-1) 0-15 The ball touches the tape and Nadal attacks from the right but goes away.


(1-0) 15-40 Nadal avoids the blank game with a winning forehand.

(1-0) 0-40 The Russian started very solid with the service.

(1-0) 0-30 Another winner from Medvedev.

(1-0) 0-15 Service and winning shot of the Russian.

1-0 GAME FOR NADAL. He caused Medvedev’s mistake to sign up the first game of this semifinals of the ATP Finals 2020 in London.

40-30 Nadal’s winning right. He took the opportunity to attack a short ball from the Russian.

30-30 Nadal’s long ball. The Russian forced him to move and the Spanish failed to return.

30-15 Medvedev has the rest on the net.

15-15 Serve and Nadal’s net to put the tables.

0-15 It’s going to be Christmas for a little long. In the stands, Dominic Thiem, first finalist of the ATP Finals 2020.


21:15 The time is coming, Rafa Nadal will fight for the ticket to the final of the ATP Finals 2020 with Daniil Medvedev. The Russian is not going to make it easy for him, who has not given up a single set all his way in London.

21:10 Daniil Medvedev and Rafa Nadal are already on the court! In a few minutes they start heating and then the second semifinal of the ATP Finals 2020 what are we going to live live and online in OKDIARY.

21:07. In a few minutes, Rafa Nadal seeks to get into his third final of the Masters Cup, one of the few prestigious tournaments that still resist Manacor. The Spaniard stepped onto the final of the ATP Finals for the last time in 2013. Although it is true that since then he has only participated in London on three more occasions, one of them even had to withdraw from the tournament after playing the first match of the tournament. round robin in 2018.

21:02 The winner of the second semifinal of the Masters Cup between Rafa Nadal y Daniil Medvedev he will arrive with a little less rest than the other finalist, Donimic Thiem. Nadal gave his opinion about the possibility that he would suffer from this situation: “I sign that I am very tired and reach the final.”

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20:59 The doubles match has just ended, with victory for the pair formed by Melzer and Roger-Vasselin. It ended a little later than it seemed, but on time, after all. In a few minutes, they may appear Rafa Nadal y Daniil Medvedev down the center court of the o2 Arena in London.

20:52. “Last year he was also playing well. It is true that I have very good feelings, but I have already played well other times, although I have not managed to win, “said the Spaniard. “I have done very good things in recent days and I know I have to take one more step”, commented Rafa Nadal about his chances in this Masters Cup 2020.

20:48 “We are in the semi-finals of the Masters and you cannot expect an easy opponent. I know I have to take another step “, added Rafa Nadal Heading into tonight’s meeting in London before Daniil Medvedev.

20:43. Despite the 3-0 favorable for Rafa Nadal before Medvedev, the Manacor remains cautious. «I don’t think the previous games will work. At this level and against these players it always depends on the moment and he comes from winning Paris. He’s in great shape. They are semi-finals of a Masters, you cannot expect more than a rival of maximum difficulty », commented Rafa Nadal.

20:38 While Rafa Nadal trained, Daniil Medvedev did not lose sight of his rival tonight. The Russian tennis player, number 5 of the ATP, looked askance at the Balearic …

20:36 We remember that Rafa Nadal y Daniil Medvedev They are summoned on the central court of the 02 Arena from 8:00 p.m. in London, -9:00 p.m., according to Spanish peninsular time-. At this moment a doubles match is being played but as it is already in the final stretch of the match.

20:30. Rafa Nadal He is also leaving a very good feeling in London, with his two victories against Rublev and Tsitsipas and, despite falling with Thiem, he made a good game that was resolved by small details. This is one of the best points that the Balearic Islands starred in the match against Tsitsipas, where the ticket to this semifinal of the Masters Cup 2020.

20:27 At this time Daniil Medvedev He arrives full of confidence after recently conquering the Masters 1000 in Paris-Bercy and having prevailed in all three matches of the round-robin against Alexander Zverev, Novak Djokovic and Diego Schwartzman. His victory against the Serbian on the second day assured him a pass to the ATP Finals semifinals as first of group. This was the match point:

20:23 That defeat against Rafa Nadal especially affected Daniil Medvedev, as the Russian tennis player himself recognized months ago. “Of all of them, probably Rafa’s in London. It is something that happens very rarely. Go winning 5-1 and have match point … All defeats are tough, but this is the hardest of all », Medvedev responded about the hardest loss to concede in his career.

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20:18. There was also a lot of intensity in the last confrontation between Nadal and Medvedev, about the same London O2 Arena in which in a few minutes they will see faces with the ticket to the final of the Masters Cup in Game. Nadal starred in one of those epic matches. The Spaniard rallied from a 5-1 match ball for the Russian in the third set and ended up taking the match in the tiebreak (6-7, 6-3 and 7-6).

20:14 Is 2020 Masters Cup semi-final This is the fourth confrontation between Rafa Nadal y Daniil Medvedev. All precedents date from last year and the Spanish prevailed in all three: the final of the Masters 1000 of Canada, the final of the US Open and a match of the round robin of the 2019 Masters Cup. They were extremely demanding matches. Many will remember how it was the US Open final, which was resolved in the fifth set after almost five hours of play.

20:07 With this point, Dominic Thiem sealed the pass to the ATP Finals 2020 final for second consecutive Year. The Austrian tennis player is already waiting for a rival, the winner of the duel between Rafa Nadal y Daniil Medvedev, which we will live next.

20:00 hours. Good afternoon! We are here to live live and online the semifinals of the ATP Finals 2020 that faces Rafa Nadal y Daniil Medvedev in London. From now on we are going to live the preview of this exciting meeting between number 2 and number 5 of the ATP, who are going to play the ticket to the final of the Masters Cup 2020.

Rafa Nadal has accessed the semifinals of the ATP Finals 2020 after finishing second in the London 2020 Group, thanks to his two victories in the round robin against Andrey Rublev and Stefanos Tsitsipas, the latter reigning champion of the tournament. The Spaniard played the ticket to the semis with the Greek and beat him in three sets, 6-4, 4-6 and 6-2.

Daniil Medvedev qualified for the semi-finals of the ATP Finals 2020 as the first of the 1970 Tokyo Group, thanks to their victories against Alexander Zverev and Novak Djokovic. He also prevailed in the last round-robin match against Diego Schwartzman, so he has won every match played in London.

Tonight, the number 2 of the ATP, Rafa Nadal, and the number 5, Daniil Medvedev dispute the second semifinal of the ATP Finals in London. Dominic Thiem is already waiting in the final this Sunday 22nd, who beat Novak Djokovic in three sets in the other semi-final of this 2020 Masters Cup (7-5, 6-7 and 7-6).

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