Meet Justin Bieber’s $ 330,000 Futuristic Car

Aunque already fulfilled the 26, Justin Bieber says it is still “a little boy That gives all the pleasures”. And the last one left no doubt.

The singer surprised his wife, the model Hailey Baldwin (24), when he picked her up at her house in Santa Monica to take a ride in her brand new acquisition, according to the site

A Rolls Royce Wraith 4 seater coupe that did Modify in a hundred percent. The “West Coast Customs” factory in California was in charge of making the new futuristic model.

A matte silver car in which the original engine (a 6.6 V12 biturbo petrol with 632 hp) was replaced by a system of propulsion totally electric.

The model has its hidden wheels, the taller grill and rear view mirrors were replaced by small cameras. “Almost a spaceship! A galactic machine! “, Bieber expressed happy with his “new chiche” after paying the $ 330,000 that the cost.

But this is not the only car he keeps Justin in its garage. There also rest a Audi R8 animal print, a Cadillac CTS Coupé Bat Mobile negro, a Escalade, a Lincoln Continental, a Mercedes Benz G Wagon, a Lamborghini hurricane and among many others, one Ferrari F430 matt black.

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