island of Love Star Megan Barton Hanson reported on the abuse of social media she suffered in Kathy Burke's documentary series All woman,

The legendary Give me Give me Give me The actress traveled across the UK for her new Channel 4 show to share her experiences with women from different walks of life.

Kathy Burke's All Woman

Channel 4

"There's a lot of pressure to look pretty, look young," Kathy admitted. "Babies do not look like Beyoncé."

In this first episode Kathy went into the subject of beauty and talked specifically with Megan about cosmetic surgery. In the past that was island of Love Stern has said that she began enlarging her body at age 19.

Describe island of Love As "today's ideal for perfection," Kathy went to Megan to discuss the "stick" she got to change her appearance.

In a poignant section of All womanMegan confided to the presenter that her cosmetic procedures were being used against her when she became famous.

"I have so much floor on the island," she recalled. "I did not think it would be one thing … they just said that I'm fake and plastic, and I even got death threats."

Kathy Burke's All Woman: Megan Barton Hanson

Channel 4

Megan fell prey to the pressures of big brands, which are forcing young girls into ever-unrealistic beauty standards.

"In a way, they encourage girls like me to get surgery, but if you do that you'll be ridiculed," she argued.

She hopes now that she can convince young girls that at the age of 19 they do not have to go under the knife as she did.

"It takes hours for me to look like I'm looking at the red carpet," she emphasized, adding, "It's a lot of work."

Kathy Burke's All Woman: Megan Barton Hanson

Channel 4

After the interview, Kathy shared her mixed feelings about the difficult journey Megan had made.

"I'm just worried about the pressure on young women," she said. "It is no longer enough just to be attractive."

However, she also pointed out, "Although she still has some uncertainties about her appearance, Megan's surgery seems to have paid off."

Viewers were generally impressed by the non-judgmental approach Kathy took during her interview with the island of Love Star:

Kathy Burke's All Woman It continues next Tuesday (20 August) at 22 o'clock on channel 4, if the Walking Dead Star Samantha Morton and comedian Katherine Ryan discuss maternity.

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