Megan Barton Hanson may be trying to send a message to former Wes Nelson about choosing her jacket, with the inscription F *** OFF F *** BOY written on the back.

Or maybe she does not think about him and only lives the way she knows it.

In any case, the beauty of Love Island caught her attention as she left the Raffles nightclub in Chelsea shortly after 3:30. He wore the confrontation jacket over a bare body and a beltless, high-waisted mom jeans.

Megan was out for the night with her lovely islander Samira Mighty. There was no sign of world-renowned fitness guru and martial arts expert Matt Fiddes, whom Megan described as her "rock" after Wes's bitter separation and the word war with Wes' ice dance partner Vanessa Bauer.

Megan had fun with her lovely islander Samira Mighty

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Megan is very interested in finding a new husband and has said that her next boyfriend will be "nice and normal" and not hungry for fame.

She said that after the end of her affair with Wes, she would never meet anyone again.

Megan dropped Wes against Alex Miller towards the end of the last Love Island series, but after the show, the couple rejoined.

The jacket had an explicit message … for Wes?

Megan did not feel the need for a bra with her outfit

However, it was chilly for the pair when Wes signed up for Dancing On Ice.

Megan denied that the separation had been offended during an interview with the magazine Grazia: "Everything ended very friendly.

"I really love Wes as a person, but we recognize that we are in very different stages of our lives and our priorities are different. I'm 24 and by the time I'm 30, I want to get engaged.

"Wes is only 20 years old, he lives his best life."

Megan wore a revealing body under her jacket

Megan and her buddy walked hand in hand

Megan says that she believed that Wes was "The One" and although she is personally sad that the relationship is abating, she is also disappointed with those who have tracked the couple's progress online and in the press: people living in have invested in us. "

Megan is chasing a "common guy"

Megan says she hopes to find someone who is not interested in fame and who loves her for herself instead of being "Megan from Love Island."

Exactly the type she will find in Raffles.

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Megan Barton-Hanson and Wes Nelson split up