Megan Markle’s Bio has data that she herself offered

The Biography of Megan Markle has data that she offered herself. Megan Markle has been in the eye of the hurricane since she became Prince Harris’s girlfriend. Becoming one of the most talked about courtships and subsequent marriage in history. Since she appeared around the life of the British Crown, much has been said about her.

Being from a commoner family from the United States and also after having worked on television, it was logical that it was a big problem for the Queen and the Crown. However, love prevailed over all things and they managed to have a beautiful marriage and form a beautiful family with their little son.

Megan Markle's Bio has data that she herself offered

Yet much has been said about the Duchess of Sussex. Starting from his mother through his family and culminating in the problems with his father. Everything about Markle’s life generates curiosity.

That was how a couple of journalists Omid Scobie y Carolyn Durand they decided to create a book with the biography of Megan Markle. The book is named “Finding Freedom”.

Finding Freedom Where did the information come from?

The book was a huge success since its release last summer. Much had been speculated about it, there were questions in the air such as

  • To what extent was what was said here true?
  • Where did the information come from?
  • Had Markle herself participated in it?

Journalists have long denied that the Duchess of Sussex provided them with any information. They said that everything in the biography had been the product of hard research work.

Megan Markle herself in some interviews they did also flatly denied it. So for some time there was much speculation about the book.

After some time it was finally known last Wednesday, that indeed, what had been so much speculated about the biography that is called Finding Freedom was true. Indeed the biography had important data. These were leaked directly by Markle herself through a friend of the former actress to reporters.

Sales Success

It turned out that many of the things that appeared in the biography that were an absolute best seller. They are real told by Markle herself to journalists.

The important thing to note is that the reason why Markle wanted to provide real information about herself for the book comes from the problem that originated with her father and the letter that she wrote to him and that unfortunately ended in a trial process .

Megan Markle's Bio has data that she herself offeredMegan Markle's Bio has data that she herself offered
Megan Markle’s Bio has data that she herself offered

On trial against his father

The last information that was revealed regarding the biography and Markle’s real participation in it, was given in the context of the legal problems that she has been experiencing against her father because of the letter she wrote him.

Markle maintains a open trial with the Associated Newspapers editor of the “Mail on Sunday” because he published a letter that she would have sent to her father Thomas Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex faced with this situation and worried about wanting to tell her version of the story, had no other idea than to share real information about her and her life through a friend, so that he could speak with the journalists who wrote the biography.

However, she did not want to keep direct contact with journalists. For this reason all the information was given through one of his best friends to journalists. In that meeting they had with Markle’s friend, he told them the real version about Megan regarding the letter she sent to her dad.

This letter is under trial because the Duchess considered it an attack on her privacy and an invasion of her private life. The media decided to publish it after having bought it from Markle’s father who decided once again to take advantage of his daughter’s position and sell the letter she wrote him.

What Markle really hoped with all this was to make it possible to express and communicate the truth of things to avoid misrepresentation.

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