The Duchess of Sussex channeled a contrasting color combination that reminds the late Diana, Princess of Wales, during her visit to Birkenhead.

Meghan wore a bright purple dress from the Aritzia Babaton Collection with a bright red Sentaler coat and matching shoes.

Duchess of Sussex
Meghan arrives at Hamilton Square during a visit to Birkenhead (Danny Lawson / PA)

Harry's late mother, Diana, wore a similar color scheme when she was photographed alone in Taj Mahal, India, in 1992.

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Diana visited the Taj Mahal in Agra in February 1992 (Martin Keene / PA)

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Diana was photographed alone at Taj Mahal (Martin Keene / PA)

The princess also wore the same sunglasses during a visit to Thailand, then during a film premiere in London in 1988, when she went out in a purple and purple Catherine Walker asymmetric ball gown.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex took part in a walk to Birkenhead (Charlotte Graham / Daily Telegraph / PA)