Meghan Markle accepts that she “leaked” information to her biographers – El Urbano News

As told in court, Meghan he hoped that with this “leak” of information, “what actually happened could be communicated to the perpetrators to avoid further misrepresentation”. Other information revealed, also indicates that the royal He received support from his team in reviewing what he wrote in the letter to his dad.

Specifically, it is stated that he was the secretary of communications of the Kensington Palace, Jason Knauf, the one in charge of that task. So what was said by the defense of the wife of the prince harry, who had categorically denied that she had any help writing to her dad or anything to do with Finding Freedom, it collapses and already responded.

The legal team of Meghan accepted that she “shared a draft (of the letter) with her husband and Mr. Kanuf in search of support, since this was a deeply painful process that they lived with her (…) In the course of a conversation between them, Mr. Knauf provided comments on that draft, but not actual wording.

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