Meghan Markle admits that she ‘leaked’ information to the authors of her biography

It became known: a key fact comes to light in Meghan Markle’s trial

In her last presentation to the High Court in London, her legal team rejected the newspaper’s statement that the paper it was part of a media strategy and he said he had taken the “advice of two senior members of the Royal Family” on how to get his father to stop talking to the press.

Markle this year he took legal action against several British media, Mail on Sunday Y Mail Online, for allegedly having violated his privacy and copyright by sharing a fragment of the document sent to his father at a time of great pain, because it happened when he did not go to his wedding due to a heart attack and in the middle of a distance because he revealed private wedding affairs of the Duchess of Sussex. So what was said by the defense of the wife of the prince harry, who had categorically denied that she had any help writing to her dad or anything to do with Finding Freedom, it collapses and already responded. Omid Scobie y Carolyn Durand they wrote the biography of the dukes, ?? Finding Freedom ??.

Meghan Markle agrees that

So much Meghan Markle as the authors assured that the Duchess had not contributed at all to that story. But apparently that paper it came from heaven to biographers, and it is suspected that it was not published as a kind of contribution to the book. The case is still in process and the royal family does not comment publicly on the matter.

Attorneys for the current philanthropist and producer have stated: “She indicated to a person – who she knew had already been approached by the authors for information – that the true position (of the Duchess) could be communicated to the authors through him to avoid any future misrepresentation“.

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