Meghan Markle admits that she ‘leaked’ information to the authors of her biography

The revelation could change the course of the Duchess’s trial against the British media.

A few months ago the biography of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was published, entitled “Finding Freedom”, and which is written by the expert in royal affairs Omid Scobie and the journalist Carolyn Durand.

In the book there are moments of very crazy anecdotes (a false kidnapping or urinating in the field, for example) and there are passages with very harsh revelations, such as the enmity between Harry and his older brother, Prince William, or the aristocratic racism of which Meghan had been a victim.

But biographers also dedicate pages to the Duchess’s childhood, with special attention to Thomas Markle’s abandonment of little Meghan and her mother, Doria Ragland.

It has now become known that it was so important to Meghan that this part of the book was well understood that it leaked first-hand information to the authors (of which they have later partly denied), despite the fact that it was always said that royalties were not involved. or involved in the documentation process or in the writing, consignment 20 minutes.

The Duchess of Sussex used a friend to speak with the biographers and give them his point of view both about her father and the letter he sent her and by which the entire lawsuit against the publisher Asociated Newspaper Limited, a company that began includes media such as the Daily Mail or the Mail on Sunday.

And that is related to the current trial, in whose court it has been said that Meghan was looking for a very simple thing with this “leak”: “to avoid further misrepresentations by being able to communicate to the authors what really happened.”

Attorneys for the current philanthropist and producer have stated: “She indicated to a person – who she knew had already been approached by the authors for information – that the true position (of the Duchess) could be communicated to the authors through him to avoid any future misrepresentation.”

In a document sent to the court, Meghan said she does not know “To what extent and on what terms was this piece of information shared with the authors” about his communications with his father.

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