Meghan Markle admitted she leaked information to the authors of her unauthorized biography

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, sued a British tabloid for publishing the letter she wrote to her father in August 2018 (Reuters)

After its authors and Meghan Markle herself have denied on countless occasions any participation of the Duchess of Sussex in the biography “Finding Freedom”, it has now been revealed that the former actress did leak information through a friend to journalists Omid Scoobie and Carolyn Durand, who released the book last August, which was a great best-seller.

This new information has been revealed in the context of the trial that Prince Harry’s wife is holding with Associated Newspapers, an editorial group of the tabloid Mail on Sunday, for, among other things, publishing a letter she wrote to her father, Thomas Markle, in August 2018, three months after their royal wedding.

To try to give her version of events, Markle asked a friend to speak to the writers. He also revealed that he wrote the letter to his father, with whom he was in a fight, following the advice from two high-ranking members of the British royal family in an attempt to get him to stop talking to the press.

In the latest round of documents filed with the London High Court, the Duchess’s lawyers allege that their client was concerned about her father’s statements in the media that she had “abandoned” him. “Consequently, she sent a person – who she knew the perpetrators had already approached – to avoid any further misrepresentation,” the legal team noted.

“She does not know to what extent or on what terms this information about the communications with her father was shared with the authors,” said the Duchess’s legal team. And they also indicated in the judicial presentation that they do not know if the Kensington Palace communications team contacted the authors of “Finding Freedom” on your behalf.

The book “Finding Freedom”, an unofficial biography of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Reuters)

Markle filed a lawsuit against the newspaper for releasing an excerpt from a letter she wrote to her father after not attending her royal wedding to Prince Harry. The Duchess’s legal team presented their allegations to the High Court of London on November 11, 2019. In the legal documents, they accuse the newspaper of printing “false” stories about her to publicly harm her.

In the lawsuit, she alleges that her privacy was violated because it was a confidential document that she wrote herself, and the second for violating intellectual property rights, since they were original words that had come out of her head. However, the publisher’s lawyers point out that the The letter was not entirely Meghan’s own.

The content of the letter seems not to have come completely out of the Duchess’s head, but was advised and assisted by Kensington Palace staff “Jason Knauf, who was communications secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and other members of the Kensington Palace communications team contributed to the letter writing. As a result, the note was not Ms Meghan Markle’s ‘own intellectual creation’.”Reads the court documents that were recently made public.

Prince Harry, sixth in the order of succession to the British crown, repeatedly denounced the pressure of the media on his partner and made them the main reason for his retirement from the royal family, announced in January and effective at the beginning of April.

The start of the trial was scheduled for January 11, but Markle herself, 39, asked to delay it “for confidential reasons.” During an online hearing, Judge Mark Warby accepted the Duchess’s request. The exact date will be determined later. A delay that Thomas Markle is attempting to challenge, claiming he is willing to go to London to testify, but is very ill and could die before the day comes.

This court order from the Duchess sparked rumors that the royal couple – based in Los Angeles – would be expecting their second child.


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