Meghan Markle and Harry’s last act of loyalty is shocked as they are “removed”

When they started their lives as a royal couple, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry surrounded themselves with some of the most important names in the business.

They hired consultants, press officers and social media professionals with impressive resumes to help them fulfill their charitable dreams like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

But everything changed when they decided to abandon their real life and move to Canada, and now they have withdrawn the 15 employees who have helped them in the past few months.

They broke the devastating news last month, and while a couple of team members may receive roles elsewhere in the Royal Household, the majority will be on the hunt for a new job.

The team are said to have been “shocked” by the announcement of Megxit, which hit the headlines today, but showed one last act of loyalty at this difficult time.

Meghan and Harry reported last week’s devastating news to staff

A source told the Daily Mail: “The Duke and Duchess have a small team, less than 15 people. The team is very loyal to the Sussex and understands and respects the decision they have made. They are all close and support each other.

“Given their decision to step back, an office in Buckingham Palace is no longer needed. While the details are still being finalized and efforts are being made to redistribute people within the royal family, unfortunately there will be some “layoffs.

Rather than just saying goodbye, the team has spent the past few weeks working tirelessly to help Meghan and Harry organize their future lives.

Clara Loughran, who has worked with Harry for years, is part of the team

The source added: “The team is committed to helping prepare their real heights for the future and to work on a series of final commitments.”

Meghan and Harry have already told the Queen, Charles and William of their decision to close the office and make layoffs.

Among those allegedly on the front lines are the communications chief of the couple Sara Latham, who previously worked for Obamas and Hillary Clinton, and Fiona Mcilwham, the newly appointed private secretary.

Fiona Mcilwham is one of the teams that could be rejected

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Meghan and Harry “take a step back” from real life

They could also say goodbye to Harry’s longtime program coordinator, Clara Loughran, who was named a member of the Royal Victorian Order last year.

The prestigious award, which recognizes the distinguished personal service to members of the monarch’s family, was revealed on the New Year’s list of honors.

Clara was involved in planning Meghan and Harry’s wedding, and was revealed to be the “mysterious woman” who handed Meghan her wedding flowers when she arrived at the chapel of St. George.


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