Meghan Markle and Prince Harry invade Prince Andrew’s 60th anniversary

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly snubbed an invitation for Prince Andrew’s birthday

Harry and Meghan will not travel from Canada for her uncle’s 60th birthday on February 19th.

Neil Sean, a UK-based royal correspondent appearing on U.S. TV, told Fox News that “he is not very cute for the queen.”

He said, “A mole [told] for me it is an open secret they have refused the invitation but it is not very nice for the queen because, whatever people say and think, it is [still] her son and she wanted her family close around her.

“The reason is that they already have commitments on that day, but they also plan to send a gift / card and a video message to play at the party.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will not reunite with Prince Andrea

The royal broadcaster claimed that the queen had organized a large party for her third child’s birthday, which would also celebrate her charity work.

But he claims to have been told by a palace source that His Majesty is now “understood to be holding only a small family dinner.”

Andrew was struck by the scandal for his relationship with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his interview in a car accident with BBC Newsnight and claims to have had sex with Virginia Giuffre when he was 17, which he denies.

Prince Andrew did not cooperate in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, say US prosecutors

Sean said Andrew is expected to show his face for the wedding of his daughter, Princess Beatrice, on May 29th.

The wedding has become more of a modest event among public protests, and will not be broadcast on television as other royal marriages have been.

And Mr Neal told Fox News that he wasn’t sure Harry and Meghan would be on Beatrice’s big day.

He said real fans would have to “wait and see if Meghan and Harry attended this event.

The daughters of Prince Andrea Eugenie and Beatrice

He claims that a source told him that Beatrice and Meghan “got along” and that Andrew’s eldest daughter was “sad that she was gone” but so far they have not been able to “continue that friendship”.

Prince Andrew was not at Beatrice’s engagement party in London in December.

But on February 7 the Mirror reported that, according to tradition, the Duke will give Beatrice to the Royal Chapel of St James’s Palace, confirmed Buckingham Palace.

The couple will marry in May

He did the same for Princess Eugenia when she married Jack Brooksbank at Windsor Castle in 2018.

The announcement came weeks after Andrew was further highlighted when FBI investigators who investigated the Epstein case said they had not kept their promise to help them with their work.

The duke said he was “willing to assist any competent law enforcement authorities in his investigations”.

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But FBI federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman said Andrew “provided zero cooperation.”

This statement reportedly left the duke “angry and baffled”. According to reports from sources close to him, he had not received any requests for help from the FBI.

Andrew strenuously denied any claims against him.


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