Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s palace staff are “shocked” by the layoffs, the source says


As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prepare to leave their royal duties behind, the two are closing the shop in Britain.

Meghan and Harry are closing their Buckingham Palace office, which means layoffs for employees who were part of their staff. A real source tells ET that the staff has been informed.

Some loved ones, selected staff, who have been at the Palazzo for years, have had the opportunity to continue working, according to the source. They would be absorbed in other roles with the royal family if they decided to stay.

Additionally, Meghan and Harry can detain one to two staff members.

Staff were informed of the development several weeks ago – shortly after making their high-profile announcement that they would withdraw from their responsibilities and privileges as senior members of the royal family – and many of them were “shocked,” the source says. , “especially after hard work, discretion and intense loyalty”.

The source says this could be a “practical” move for the couple as they have retired from real senior duties.

Since their actual release, the couple has spent time with their nearly 10-month-old son Archie in northern Saanich, Canada, a small isolated community that typically attracts celebrities.

Last week, a source told ET that the Canadian community in which they temporarily reside has joined together to protect their privacy, even rejecting requests for details about the couple.

However, the couple will return across the pond to join the rest of the royal family for Commonwealth Service for Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey in London next month.


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The service is scheduled for March 9 and the Sunday Times reports that the couple will be joined by their son Archie for the trip. A source tells ET that Meghan and Harry will also make a final round of real commitments in the UK before settling in North America.

However, Meghan and Harry took advantage of their time away from the confines of real duties. They visited Stanford University in Palo Alto, California on Tuesday, according to Today.

The couple reportedly attended a brainstorming session with professors at the university as part of their work to develop a new charitable organization that will be at the heart of their future philanthropic endeavors.

The duo also made a high-profile visit to Miami, Florida earlier this month where they stumbled across Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez while attending a J.P. summit event. Morgan, whom Harry spoke to.

– This article first appeared on ET Online

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