Meghan Markle defends the decisions that have been made for this reason

Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry they are convinced that their life as a member of British royalty is behind us. Now the couple is very focused on creating a new life in the United States with their son Archie , away from the real obligations and the problems they experienced in the United Kingdom. At least, the actress seems to be very convinced of the decision they made, as reflected in the recent interview she gave in which she spoke about the great decisions she has made in her life, among which her wedding with the grandson of the Queen Isabel and his new family life

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Meghan participated in a virtual interview within the Fortune Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit, organized by Fortune magazine, where she stressed that in life you have to be brave, despite the fact that “sometimes you make the best decision for you and your family might not be the most popular. ” These words could make a clear reference to his stage as a royal and his interest because his son Archie Live as normal a childhood as possible away from all the public exposure that being an active member of British royalty entails. In addition, the Duchess of Sussex is very sure of the decisions she has made: “When you really know who you are and you know what your values ​​are and you live by the truth, then I think you can take away the fear. My faith is bigger than my fear ”. During the chat with Emma Hinchliffe , of Fortune , Meghan He also stressed that the most important thing is to follow your heart: “If you live knowing the truth, no matter what they say, you can go to sleep with a clear conscience. Most people are afraid of the unknown, but sometimes it is necessary to take risks ”.

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Markle He also spoke about his experience using social media and new ways of relating. For some time, the actress used a personal account that, when she married Harry , had to close, and has so far decided not to reopen a new profile. “I have made the decision not to have any public profile so I do not know what is out there and in some way, that helps me because there are many people who have become obsessed with social networks and it has become an addiction like any other” . In addition, he compared social media addiction to drug addicts. “There is something in the networks that is creating an obsession that I think is very unhealthy for many people.”

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