Meghan Markle: Everything We Know About Her New Children’s Book

Today it was announced that Meghan Markle , the Duchess of Sussex, will add one more position to her long list: author of books for children.

The surprise news landed on the royals today, who were the last to make headlines of the interview. of her and her husband, Prince Harry, con Oprah Winfrey.

Here’s everything we know so far about Meghan’s book.

What is going to be titled?

The next book is titled The Bench.

What is it about?

In a press release, he said the book is about the “special father-son relationship” and is inspired by the dynamic between Prince Harry and his son Archie.

According to the press release, “It poignantly captures the evolving and expanding relationship between parents and children and reminds us of the many ways that love can take shape and express itself in a modern family.

“Evoking a deep sense of warmth, connection and compassion, The Bench it gives readers a window into long-lasting shared moments between a diverse group of parents and children: moments of peace and reflection, trust, belief, discovery and learning, and lasting comfort. “

What was the inspiration for the book?

The Bench began life as a poem Meghan wrote for Prince Harry “on Father’s Day, the month after Archie’s birth.”

Archie is their first child together and was born in May 2019. The royal couple are now expecting their second child, a daughter. They revealed the gender of their unborn child during their interview with Oprah, the first broadcast on CBS in March.

Did Meghan do the illustrations?

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Meghan could be a very talented person, but she didn’t make the artwork, instead she relied on well-known children’s book illustrator Christian Robinson. He drew in his famous style but worked in watercolor for the first time.

In a statement, Random House Books for Young Readers Group Executive Vice President and Editor Mallory Loeher said: “Meghan’s moving text explores the relationship between parents and children and undoubtedly touches the heartstrings of parents and caregivers. Christian’s art matches beautifully with the tender emotion of Meghan’s words, and each spread is infused with a vibrant sense of joy and love. “

When is it hitting the shelves?

It will be released on June 8, 2021, so it’s just over a month away and it’s potentially the perfect Father’s Day gift.

What other forms is it taking?

It will be a physical book but there will also be an audiobook version with the Duchess’s own narration.

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