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Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex met with California Governor Gavin Newsom prior to the US presidential election, it has been speculated that Meghan is considering running for Congress. Rumors swirled endlessly that the Duchess wanted to be considered for a vacant Senate seat if Kamala Harris became vice president. And now, a prominent Democratic strategist has hinted that the Duchess may well be laying the groundwork for a possible Senate run.

Mike Trujillo told The Times: “She is doing everything that is appropriate and allowed given her new position, but she is definitely putting her foot in the water.

“And once your toe is in the water, your whole foot is in and the next thing you know you are knee-deep and then completely in.”

Trujillo believes that Meghan and Harry’s Archewell Foundation could provide the Duchess with a suitable entry point into the world of politics.

The Democratic strategist noted that charitable work is a well-known route to American politics for those seeking that career.

As an example, he pointed to the way Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger used his Arnold’s All Stars foundation to launch his campaign to become governor of California.

He explained: “Everything you are doing is similar to what other people have done before running for office.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger, before running for governor, had a large after school foundation that promoted the opening of extracurricular clubs, which was called Arnold’s All Stars.

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The name Archewell is derived from the Greek word “arche”, which means “source of action.”

In a statement last year explaining the choice of name for their Foundation, the royal couple said: “We connected with this concept for the charity we hoped to build one day, and it became the inspiration for our son’s name.”

“Do something meaningful, do something that matters.

“Archewell is a name that combines an ancient word for force and action, and another that evokes the deep resources we must draw upon.”

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