Meghan and Harry have so much to do right now.

There's a rundown Windsor cottage to renovate and a new baby to prepare for (SO MUCH Petit Bateau to buy).

So, they need some staff, desperately.

Kensington Palace HR department to tender their resignations. Kensington Palace. The Kensington Palace ,

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Samantha "The Panther" Cohen, 17 years old, has decided to resign after working for the royal family for 17 years including the Queen's private secretary.

Cohen, who is Australian, took the gig earlier this year. Her mission: To get Meg's royal family ready. However, it's believed that Cohen wants to leave their household when their bebe is born in autumn next year.

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Then there's Melissa Touabti, who was Meghan's personal assistant – emphasis on 'what.' The Sunday Times recently reported that the woman and the woman had a relationship with her, and what she had to say about her. (We imagine.)

Finally, there is Edward Lane Fox who left Harry's employing his right hand man and private secretary in winter after 15 years of service.

Meghan's Givenchy-clad shoulders, the insinuation that that's what they're all about, and their complaining about their CVs and trawling Seek.

But is there another reason? Search as the fact that the salaries the royal family offer are pretty sh * t? Because, working for the royal family might sound wildly glamorous but the reality is far away from the true-edged fantasy.

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In Buckingham Palace this April it is around $ 14 an hour, which is about $ 3.50 less than the suggested minimum wage in London. (You can find more working in the major supermarket chains has been reported.)

Meanwhile, the Palace advertised for a trainee butler in 2011 for which the "lucky" applicant would have been paid about $ 26,000.

Fancy keeping Her Maj's ponies in tip-top condition? That will get you about $ 34,000-a-year.

Even if you want to get away from the curtains, working in the private secretary's office comes with a $ 41,000 pay packet.

Running the royal family's social accounts as a 'digital communications officer' wants to get your bank account by around $ 52,000.

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So let's remember that the 1000 or so staff (does anyone get called a 'servant' anymore?) Also face having to work notoriously long hours. The conditions are not luxurious. While some roles offer live-in accommodation, the rooms are said to be incredibly small and dingy (though all those are free – more spotted dick Wilbur?)

Which brings us back to the procession of staffers departing Harry'n'Meghan's employ. Maybe it's time to get the Coutts check out and start ponying up some more dosh? Just a thought.

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