Meghan is experiencing a difficult transition in her life, from the outspoken actress and activist to virtually unlimited freedom as a member of the British royal family. The new status gave Meghan a broader platform, but also limited her ability to engage in controversial issues and voice her opinion on politics. According to psychologist Bryony McLardy, the Duchess of Sussex may find it difficult to get used to a new land and role while being under the control of the media and the public. Seventy, thirty.

The expert told "Meghan Markle has gone through some glorious periods of her life, from the American television and movie actress to the UN ambassador, before becoming a member of the royal family entitled & # 39; your royal Your Highness, the Duchess of & # 39; was Sussex & # 39 ;.

"She is a native humanitarian who advocates fairness and equality at the age of 11 with her letters to Procter and Gamble, civil rights advocate Gloria Allred and then First Lady Hilary Clinton.

"However, the change in her professional life over the years also changes her personality.

"Granted, the Duchess of Sussex's transition to the Ultimate Royal was not easy, having been in the media and paparazzi spotlight since the rumors of dating Britain's best-suited bachelor in 2016.

"Meghan knows that not every step she takes is born a queen, she is judged and judged who she is, someone who is married to the royal family and comes from a completely different world."

But the psychologist believes that there are ways for Meghan to enter her new role without betraying her true self.

Other royals, especially Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and William, are either role models to follow or learn from, the expert said.

The psychologist added, "In order to make things easier in this transitional period in her life, she needs to take note of past royal scandals and even more how to deal with them appropriately.

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"However, Harry and Meghan had set a precedent as the new kind of king, those who deal with the public at the same level and often break the tradition. Why should they stop now?

"Meghan should use that to her advantage – she should be who she was before she is honored.

"Besides, she should take a sheet of Kate and William's book and accept some of the royal traditions and etiquette, like the family photo after the birth of Baby Archie.


"We need to be sure that she hugs herself and takes her position seriously, but she is still true to herself and the Meghan Harry fell in love with."

The 10-day trip to Africa seems to have given Meghan enough freedom to give her royal role a new dimension, according to a royal expert.

Richard Fitzwilliams told "This will undoubtedly be the tour that defines Meghan and Harry as royal activists.

"He followed his mother's footsteps in Angola and warned of the dangers to the planet in a language similar to his father's.

"Harry was also committed to the conservation and protection of wildlife.

"The people they met, from several presidents to Graca Machel, Nelson Mandela's widow, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in which Archie performed so prominently, have also proven the Royals' ability to tour at the highest level ,

"Due to a multitude of rumors in the last year and some major missteps in public relations this year, much of it has been suppressed in negative public relations, including criticism from previous admirers in the press.

"Meghan was more associated with celebrity than activism.

"This tour gave her the opportunity to focus on a specific agenda and make her own headlines, especially with the speech in which she defined herself as the" woman of color. "