Meghan Markle with a pencil skirt ideal for girls with a low waist

Meghan Markle surprised everyone with her elegant and sophisticated outfits from her entrance to her unexpected exit from the British royal family. In fact, although her time in the world of royalty was brief, her style will never be forgotten, especially because she has the body of a real woman and made it clear that she does know how to choose the clothes that benefit her body, as was the pencil skirt case.

It remained in the memory of many, the occasion in which the hand of her husband the prince harry, the Duchess of Susex surprised everyone by wearing an army green outfit. Meghan Markle and the ideal pencil skirt for girls with a low waist. This is the ideal garment to stylize the figure and the ex Hollywood star it is clear.

So if you think that your waist is not as reduced as ThalĂ­a, you can make use of this garment that will help you create an optical effect that will do a lot of good to your silhouette. Now, here are some reasons for you to have a pencil skirt in your closet:

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Meghan Markle in pencil skirt. Photo: Instagram

Highlight your curves: This type of skirts are characterized by adjusting to the figure. In case you have little butt or waist, with this garment you will create more curve to your silhouette. That you can also help your body doing a little exercise. Be careful with your underwear, so that it does not mark your skirt.

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There is a model for every occasion: In case you have doubts about buying a skirt of this style, you will be delighted to know that there are all kinds. Those made of denim, leather or other textiles. Those made of light fabrics for summer and thicker ones like wool for winter. On the other hand, the most showy are perfect for the night.

They can be combined with all kinds of blouses: Thanks to the fact that they are quite versatile skirts, you can combine them with bralettes, crop top or lace blouses. In case you prefer to wear them with shirts, you will also look charming.

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They look good with all types of footwear: Don’t worry about the shoes as these skirts look good with everything. You can combine your pencil skirt with your favorite tennis shoes. If it is one to dress with weedges, sandals or stilettos.

It is for all body types: It does not matter if you are a girl with many or few curves, you will look great in a pencil skirt.

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