Meghan Markle’s father says that reuniting with his daughter is his last wish

The dad of the Duchess of Sussex says her last wish is to reunite with her stranger daughter – and she will never stop trying.

75-year-old Thomas Markle consoles himself by looking at photos of the newspapers of Meghan, 38 and Archie, the eight-month-old grandson he has never met.

He had hoped to rebuild his relationship with his daughter with the help of his mother Doria Ragland. But he says he has now also broken off contact with him.

Meghan’s half-brother, Tom Jnr, 53, told the Sunday Mirror: “Dad says being reunited with Meg is his last wish in life.

“He is now on the stage where the last dice roll is. If he could go and see Meg in Canada, he would go to see her. Believe me, he would have gone directly out the front door and would not have packed his bags. He would have arrived as soon as possible.

Meghan with her father Thomas Markle
Meghan with her father Thomas Markle

“He will never give up trying to contact Meg and finally meet Archie and Harry.

“Everything he says is basically a reason for them to get back in touch.”

“Doria could organize a meeting. But they haven’t had any contact since Dad was photographed leaving flowers in his house. “

Thomas Markle Jnr

Also, Thomas never met Harry’s son-in-law Harry face to face. They spoke on the phone but Thomas says their last call was in the weeks before the royal wedding in May 2018 and the Prince, 35, scolded him for posing for photos of the paparazzi.

Days later, while Thomas was preparing to fly to the UK, hoping to accompany his daughter down the corridor, he had heart problems and had to retire.

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Tom Jnr said: “Dad still wants Meghan to be happy, have a better life and likes to see his photos as he smiles with Archie in Canada.

“But pictures can’t replace a real relationship.”


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