Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas, says she was not the victim of racist insults in hopes of being reconciled

Thomas Markle said his daughter “has never had a problem with racism” during her life or in the UK among recent claims.

His stranger father also admitted that the criticisms of the couple were “justified” and should do as they “preach”.

Speaking live on Good Morning Britain to host Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Monday morning, Meghan’s father spoke of the couple’s recent criticisms of the environment.

Thomas commented: “I am having trouble buying it. There has never been a problem in terms of competing with Meghan, in her school or anywhere, and I have not noticed it in England at all.

“I think England is much more liberal than the United States when it comes to racists, I don’t think it is bullied in any way shaped by racism.”

Thomas Markle reacted with insults to British racism against his daughter Meghan

It also addressed the backlash that Meghan and Harry faced on their use of a private jet amidst their climate change speeches.

Thomas confessed, “I think the criticism is justified, if you are preaching to do it, you should also be responsible for what you are preaching, so yes.”

But he also hopes to reconcile with his daughter by saying that he “loves her” and their situation is “ridiculous”.

He said to the hosts: “I am still very disappointed. I think it is a misunderstanding that should be resolved, not on TV or in front of the world.

Meghan and Harry are taking a step back from the royal family

“I am not sure how to deal with this problem, I always hope that we can meet at some point, however at this moment, what is going on with the interruption from the reals will cause many more problems.”

Thomas said he was “embarrassed” for his daughter Meghan and her husband Harry for their decision to withdraw from senior royal duties.

He also claimed that his daughter had “wounded” the queen and the royal family and that he could not understand why they had come to the decision

Follows Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and her husband Prince Harry’s decision to step down as royal royalty.

Thomas spoke live on Good Morning Britain

Recently, Harry broke the silence about the evolution of the royal family, suggesting that he had “no choice” over the deal he had made with the queen.

The pair will leave Britain for Canada after a “transition period” with which he also reported that the pair will lose their real title.

Piers had promised Thomas to “say a lot” about his daughter Meghan on the show in a Sunday tweet.

Sharing a snapshot of the couple for some time, he confirmed that the surprise interview will air on Monday morning.

Thomas hopes to reconcile with Meghan and meet little Archie

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Choices of the Showbiz editor

He said: “BREAKING: Thomas Markle will release his first TV interview since his daughter Meghan went out to Britain with Prince Harry – live on tomorrow @GMB .

“It has a lot to say ….”

The post sparked much attraction from divided Twitter users, with many calling the coverage “harassment”, while others were eager to hear what he had to say.

Good Morning Britain broadcasts weekdays at 6am on ITV.


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