Meghan Markle's father has made another heartfelt plea to his daughter, revealing that he has sent her dozens of texts and has received no response.

74-year-old Thomas Markle claims to have been "frozen out" of the royal family since his relationship with his daughter failed after the royal wedding in May.

In an interview with The daily mail, The alienated father of the Duchess of Sussex said he had spoken to his daughter many times and sent her emotional texts to Prince Harry since her marriage, but received no single answer.

"I'm frozen and can not keep silent," Marklele told the publication.

"I have made dozens of attempts to reach my daughter by text and letter, but she and Harry have built a wall of silence.

"They did what they once forbade me to do – they believe everything negative that was written about me.

"I asked her to pick up the phone. I wrote her a two-page letter and sent it by registered mail to her representative in Los Angeles. I asked her why she believed the lies. "

The retired Hollywood light director, who was largely ignored by his daughter after he had broken off his wedding in the midst of an embarrassingly staged paparazzi photo trap, also brought out several letters from 37-year-old Meghan, who claimed that one of them would join him at Christmas sent time just two years ago. The map shows a llama with the words "Fa-La-La Llama".

Mr Markle said Meghan also gave him $ 2000 for a vacation.

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The daily mail has published pictures of the letter saying, "Daddy, Because you've always been so generous with me and cared for me the best, it gives me so much pleasure to be able to give you this Christmas. I love you without end. Meg. "

"I loved getting maps from Meghan," Marklele told the site.

"She has written hundreds of small cards and notes over the years. Sometimes it was a special occasion, sometimes just small notes left in the house.

"I still have a sticky note on my fridge that says, 'I love you, Dad.'

Mr Markle also revealed that Meghan had given him cards every Valentine's Day. One of them read: "Daddy … I do not express as often as I should tell you. Everything you do for me has made me who I am, and I am so thankful. I just want to make you proud … and I promise it, no matter what, I'll do it. Thanks for everything, Daddy. I love you with all my heart now and forever. Love Bean. "Bean was the nickname of Meghan in childhood.

Mr. Markle remembered the lovely letters and said he had broken his heart, he had not talked to his daughter since his wedding, and he did not have to meet her husband, Prince Harry yet.

In one of his letters to Meghan, according to Markle Mark, he even illuminated the royal family's own mistakes in the past.

"I also pointed out that the royals were not always perfectly behaved. I wrote that I never played nude and did not disguise myself as a Nazi (this was an indication of Harry's infamous pictures in Las Vegas in 2012).

"I even gave a letter to Doria asking why our daughter does not speak to me."

During the detailed interview, Mr. Markle dispelled the rumors that he had faked a heart attack. He had brought copies of medical documents to prove why he had not attended his daughter's wedding.

The first was on the weekend before the wedding and was a day and a half in a hospital in Mexico.

He then drove to Los Angeles to deliver flowers to his ex-wife Doria before he fell ill again when he returned to his home in Rosarito.

Mr. Markle said, "The doctors told me I had a second heart attack. I had a clogged artery that they call the widow maker. "

For Mr. Markle, the prospect of never talking to his daughter again is unbearable: "I'm hurt by what happened, but I'm not going to keep quiet," he said Daily mail.

"My life has been turned upside down since my daughter met Harry. When they announced their pregnancy, I had seven paparazzi on my doorstep day and night for seven days. They rented the house next door.

"Your treatment of me is hard, hurtful and unforgiving. I am punished for things that I did not say. "