Meghan Markle’s sister accuses her of “bad and controlling” when Harry is not present

Meghan Markle is once again at the center of the controversy. This time Prince Harry’s wife is in the news following the book published by Samantha Markle-Grant, her sister on her father’s side, who finally published her book on what she considers to be “the two faces of the Duchess”, revealing also the details of the bad relationship that exists between them.

Intimacies, behaviors and his life before becoming the celebrity that he is now is what populates the writing, entitled “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister Part 1” (“The diary of the sister of Princess Annoying, Part I”) and which went on sale on February 1.

According to the pages, Meghan is sweet and perfect when Harry is in front, but behind is “mean and controlling” and they do not forgive her for leaving the family aside when she entered royalty. In fact, Samantha is quite honest about the book’s motives: They want compensation for the pain and suffering of being the family the Duchess doesn’t get along with. “If they wanted to earn money, so did we,” he says at one point.

This situation with her family made Meghan’s stomach turn, who in turn seems to be doing the same with her husband to the royal family.

In the Sussexit agreement, the same one that Harry wants to change because he considers some of the clauses unfair, there were, however, certain things that were immovable, such as that Meghan and the prince continue to represent the British Crown and must lead a life away from politics because it is duty of the royal house to remain impartial.

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However, if it was already clear that Donald Trump is not the best received person at his home in Los Angeles, something that was already causing discomfort at Buckingham Palace, now The Sun publishes that the son of Charles of England and his wife “They had a secret meeting with the Democratic Governor of California, Gavin Newsom.”

It was revealed that this occurred through a video call on October 19. That is, before the presidential elections that the party of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would end up winning, and although it is not clear what the immediate purpose of the conversation was, it is known that it lasted approximately one hour. 20 minutes.

For now, the aforementioned outlet has contacted Newsom’s office to find out more, although the Democrat’s team explained that it would not comment on “The content of the meetings between the governor and private parties or their staff.” This violation of the Sussexit agreement may have the consequence, among other things, that Elizabeth II refuses to resume negotiations for certain changes that Meghan and Harry were seeking.

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