Melania Trump reappears and marks a Letizia with her look

We have to confess it once again: we really miss being able to comment on Melania Trump’s looks almost daily. Whether we liked the former first lady or not, her wardrobe was always a source of joy for those of us who adore fashion, as among its hangers we found disjointed messages, inconsistencies, impossible price designs and garments destined to arouse headlines. For this reason, every time someone uploads a picture of Melania to Instagram, who is in Mar-A-Lago living the crazy life, our hearts are happy and full of joy … Although ‘People’ magazine assures that that joy it is not quite real.

“Melania acts as if she is not happy, but has accepted what is expected of her in order to continue with the lifestyle that she wants. She loves the Mar-A-Lago spa and setting, reminiscent of European beauty. That is where you enjoy the tranquility that an existence outside the spotlight gives you. It could be said that he gets carried away in order to continue his life. Around here, that’s not a bad thing ”, comments a source in the middle, to whom another member of the club has explained that Melania does not show herself much.

Melania y Donald Trump. (Instagram)

That would explain why in the family photos of the Trumps uploaded this weekend, she is the great absentee in the images, no matter how hard the media tries to point out that she was present. However, when people outside the family appear, it seems that the couple does not hesitate to pose for the cameras, aware that these photographs will not take long to reach the media. Melania Trump has been photographed with her husband in a sleeveless midi-length dress with an arty polka dot print. Alaïa.

Melania y Donald Trump. (Cordon Press)

During the G7 held in France we already saw her bet on a brand design, a staple in the wardrobes of those who love fashion and do not want to resort to shrillness when it comes to opting for elegant and unpretentious dresses, but who know that the silhouettes of the maison are magical and flattering. On other occasions he has opted for this brand, but it has been in the latter that he has paid tribute to Letizia Ortiz, with whom it is usual to coincide in matters of style.

Letizia Ortiz. (Getty)

Polka dot dresses Alessandra Rich They are the ones who managed to make Kate Middleton and Melania’s closets find a link – a brand that, by the way, has now crept into the dressing room of Beyoncé, so the queen of pop is also attached to the royals-, and this dress of Alaïa now links Letizia Ortiz’s wardrobe, with her polka dot dress from Carolina Herrera, Melania’s. We wonder, not without some sadness and nostalgia, when we will see Melania Trump again pose on the social networks of a member of Mar-A-Lago. Melania, if you’re reading us, do us a favor and keep posing, even if it’s just for Instagram.

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