Melissa Jiménez and Emily Ratajkowski use the same cream for irritated skin

Experts reveal that cases of irritated skin that reflects a higher stress level that before the pandemic: “There have never been so many and so varied reactions and pathologies related to its use. We knew that confinement stressed the skin, increasing the cases of acne, melasmas, atopias and allergies.. Now, in addition, its continued use increases even more the stress of an already affected skin “, explains Dr. Leo Cerrud, expert in Aesthetic Medicine. In addition, cold is another factor that alters the barrier function of the skin and many already seek richer and more nourishing textures to update your beauty rituals heading into the winter season. As an idea, Melissa jimenez just shared with his followers what it is the cream you use to relieve the itchiness of redness that come out of his son Max on the cheeks, a care low cost which Emily Ratajkowski also uses as a multi-purpose cosmetic.


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The cream that women love celebrities is Aquaphor Repair Ointment of Eucerin, a care specifically formulated to accelerate the healing of damaged or extremely dry areas. It is suitable for all ages, so much so that Melissa Jiménez uses it on her children’s skin: “I also use this a lot! Especially for Max, who tends to have a very irritated cheek area”, reveals a sports journalist in his networks after showing other specific care formulas for children. Although Melissa was the last to recommend this product, Charlize Theron has already said on many occasions that she began to incorporate it into her own beauty routine as an ultra-nourishing care for her hands. after it was prescribed for your child.

Another in love with the benefits of Aquaphor es Emily Ratajkowski, who exploits the amount of properties contained in this formula based on panthenol, glycerin and bisabolol, using it on various areas of the face: on the lips as a balm or in a thicker layer as a mask, as a highlighter dabbed on the cheekbone to achieve a natural radiance and even as a night eye contour when you want your skin to look especially juicy. As a last example, Daniel Martin, one of the makeup artists Meghan Markle has trusted during her time as an actress, revealed that she also used this pomade on the Duchess’s cheeks or on the septum of the nose to achieve a radiant finish makeup .

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In addition to Aquaphor, there are other ultra-nutritious formulas on the market that have won the favor of the celebrities: a good example is Skin Food the Weleda, a cream made from plants such as calendula, chamomile or rosemary that relieves itching and soothes the skin. Among his fans are faces such as Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Winona Ryder. To end, Concentrated Milk-Cream by Embryolisse is another moisturizing and regenerating lotion that models or actresses like Elle Macpherson or Scarlett Johansson adore and that is especially indicated to combat dryness and reduce irritation.


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