Menéndez Reacts to the Retirement of Positions by the Trump Administration in the Drug Trafficking Case Against the Former Secretary of Defense of Mexico

WASHINGTON – Senator Bob Menéndez (DN.J.), Senior Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued the following statements after the Trump administration abruptly dropped the U.S. government’s drug trafficking charges against former Mexican Defense Minister General Salvador Cienfuegos:

“After four years of empty petulance from President Trump as a supposed defender of the rule of law, his term ends with his administration turning a blind eye to concrete facts, and once again disregarding the interests of the national security of the United States. For someone who based his entire presidency conjuring xenophobic images of rampant drug traffickers along the US-Mexico border, there is no explanation whatsoever to shed light on Attorney General Barr’s decision to abruptly drop the drug trafficking charges against General Cienfuegos. There is no doubt that cooperation with the Mexican government is essential to defend our national security, and those bilateral ties must be based on common respect for our own rule of law and due process. Attorney General Barr runs the risk of undermining that faith in the United States’ judicial system while fostering impunity at the highest levels in Mexico.
“Attorney General Barr and Secretary Pompeo must immediately provide Congress and the American people with the details related to this opaque agreement.”


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