Merkel accuses Turkey of provoking an escalation in the Mediterranean – Al Manar site in Spanish

European Union (EU) leaders believe that Turkey’s unilateral actions in the Eastern Mediterranean are causing the situation to escalate, declared German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“We agree in the opinion that the latest unilateral actions of Turkey provoke an exacerbation instead of reducing it, I find it regrettable and inappropriate,” Merkel said at the end of the EU leaders’ summit in Brussels.

The chancellor added that both Brussels and Ankara are interested in developing relations between Turkey and the EU.

Possible sanctions

The leaders of the European Union confirmed the need to impose sanctions against Turkey if the country continues with what they described as provocations against Greece and Cyprus, declared Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

The Austrian leader noted that it was clear at the EU summit that even those who always treated Turkey with understanding recognized its actions as provocative.

“Therefore we reiterate that if Turkey does not stop its provocations, it will be necessary to react with sanctions,” Kurz warned after the meeting.

The Austrian chancellor accused the Ottoman country of violating international law regarding Greece and Cyprus, calling it unacceptable.

Source: Sputnik

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