Merkel Merkel, Maas moralizes – and Corona slows the Brexit deal

20. November 2020

The EUropa watchlist from November 20, 2020. –

Was it 16 minutes, or was it 25? At least they were extremely brief consultationswho wasted Chancellor Merkel and Council President Michel at the video summit on Thursday evening on THE problem of the EU.

Hungary and Poland are blocking the EUR 1.8 trillion “Historical” financial package (and thus also the Corona development fund) – because they reject the new rule of law mechanism, which could lead to cuts in EU funds.

HurryIt is said in Brussels, because crisis countries such as Italy, Spain or France are desperately waiting for the non-repayable billions in grants from the corona fund, Rome has already planned them.

But instead of fighting like a lioness for her deal and resolving the dispute at the video summit, Merkel has … noted. The conflict was postponed, one could also say swept under the carpet.

Even before the virtual meeting, the Chancellor had issued the slogan, keep still and not let the argument escalate. Italy, Sapnia and France were asked to hold back.

A video conference is not the right formatto settle the complicated dispute, it said. Council chief Michel had contacted all countries in advance in order to keep the discussion “under control” – just as Merkel wanted.

But what does it want to achieve with it? Is she trying to isolate the Hungarian Prime Minister Orban? Does she want to keep the criticism from Warsaw of the “German dictation” under cover? Plan them a break, maybe at the expense of the EU Parliament?

We don’t know because the German EU Presidency can not be seen in the cards. And in Brussels most of the sources have dried up – partly because of the corona restrictions, partly because all decisions are made in the Berlin Chancellery.

The good intention to combine corona aid with a rule of law mechanism has become a trap. The corona aid cannot be paid out.

Ch. Von Marschall im “Tagesspiegel”

Only one thing is clear: Merkel’s strategyNegotiating the new EU budget, the Corona reconstruction fund and the rule of law mechanism in one package and also getting them through together has crashed. Now everything depends on the rule of law, of all things.

Because actually it should be out of the question. law and order are basic conditions to join the EU. Whoever does not pay attention to this has no place in the European club. There is nothing in the EU treaty about financial sanctions.

But Merkel mixed everything together and sold it as a feel-good package – probably in the hope that the Greed for EU billions Orban would “convince” in the end. Apparently she was wrong.

The much praised “crisis manager” has the EU in her Probably deepest crisis so far guided – and a solution is not in sight …

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Against whom or what does the EU have to defend itself? They want that on Friday Defense Minister speak. You have commissioned a joint threat analysis, the so-called “Strategic Compass”. But not even the German EU Presidency wants to reveal what it says. Is Russia still the bad guy? What about the aggressive turkey? And what about “hybrid threats”, for example from China? So far it is top secret - maybe something is seeping through now ...

What is missing

The next EU sanctions against Belarus. This time it goes against entrepreneurs and companies, as the EU foreign policy representative Borrell said. Foreign Minister Maas said in a morally sour tone that punitive measures against the “power clique surrounding Lukashenko” were a suitable means of increasing the pressure. Unfortunately, the SPD politician did not say that the previous sanctions had no effect ...

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