Merson predicts where Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool will end up this season –

Paul Merson believes that the race for a top four result this season could be the closest yet, but ultimately he believes Liverpool will maintain its place at the expense of one of its rivals.

Manchester City are currently at the top of the Premier League. Their 18 consecutive victories in all competitions has allowed them to open a 10-point lead at the top. For that reason, Merson believes Pep Guardiola’s team will go on to a third title in four seasons. Discussing its form, Raheem Sterling has named the two men he thinks deserve all the credit.

The race for second, third and fourth, however, promises to be much closer. With Leicester and West Ham on top and with a shout out, the fights for Tottenham and Liverpool should ensure a riveting end to the season. Everton cannot be ruled out either.

In fact, such have been the struggles of the Spurs, A report on Tuesday suggested that a top German coach is on the line to succeed José Mourinho..

Liverpool, meanwhile, have lost four consecutive times at Anfield. That has prompted Trent Alexander-Arnold to assess where it all went wrong for Jurgen Klopp’s side..

Jamie Carragher, meanwhile, has refused to apologize after his criticism generated an irate response from Liverpool fans.

Merson, however, believes Liverpool will perform well and should have enough to finish in the top four. He thinks the Hammers won’t last the course and also thinks Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea could be lost as well.

“Man City is in, obviously, that’s the easy part,” Merson told Sky Sports. “Next, I have to stay with Manchester United and Leicester, who are a very good team. The first three will now stay there, in my opinion.

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“After that, this is so difficult. You know me, I don’t like sitting on the fence. But it is very difficult for me to choose a team for the final position.

“Despite their excellent season so far, I don’t see West Ham lasting the distance, and that means there is a place at stake.

“Moyes’s team has been brilliant, but I saw enough in that second half against Spurs to tell me it’s too much for them in the reminder of the season.

“Everton have the list of games to challenge, but I am concerned about its consistency. For me, it’s between Chelsea and Liverpool for that last spot.

“If Chelsea have a good March, that’s it, it’s inside. But I am concerned that Chelsea will score enough goals. I can’t see them fly the teams.

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Good luck against Liverpool, says Merson

That leaves Merson to conclude that he believes Liverpool will claim the final spot. Despite admitting that luck is against him, he says that Jurgen Klopp’s side will find a way.

“I have always said that Liverpool will make it, but when the time comes, it is very difficult to continue with them, right now.” Merson additional.

“It’s hard to get away from their form and the fact that luck is not with them.

“You look at the games they have lost, and you see the games that are coming up and you wonder if they can change things. They should beat Sheffield United, but there are doubts, especially without defenders.

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“I’ve shown a lot of faith in them, but the players keep dropping like flies. The only player I want on the field of all his players right now is Jordan Henderson.

“When things don’t go well, he is the leader. He is the player who encourages people. With him now out of the team, it’s a bit concerning.

“It feels like I’m just following the name and not looking at the performances and the results. The teams that have not beaten is very worrying.

“I don’t know why, but I have to stay with Liverpool. Please don’t ask me why, but I keep faith with Jurgen Klopp and his side.

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