Messi would receive a millionaire bonus from Barcelona even if he leaves the club


Mexico City / 12.01.2021 19:05:33

Although it seems that the relationship between Lionel Messi and Barcelona could come to an end this summer, the terms of the current contract between the two could cause the Spanish team to continue in contact with the player to pay you a millionaire amount stipulated in one of the clauses.

The Barça entity indicated, in the 2019/2020 financial year, a debt close to 500 million euros net that put the team in predicaments due to the obligation to grant Messi a bonus of 78 million agreed in the renewal of 2017.

As reported TyC Sports, both parties agreed on said figure according to the “continuity or end of career “, in addition the media points out that half of that money was paid in July 2020 prior to the scandal of burofax.

The other half of the multi-million dollar bonus, due to Barcelona’s economic crisis, it would be divided into installments from the end of this season until 2025, regardless of whether the player continues to be a culé or wears the shirt of another team.

The Board of Directors headed by Carlos Tusquets, who took over the reins of Barcelona temporarily after the resignation of Josep María Bartomeu, it was the one that made the decision to postpone this second payment of 34 million euros.



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