According to the Met Office, hot, dry days could be on the way back to Devon and Cornwall, with summer back in a few days.

The month of August was swept by huge rainfall and winds of 60 mph swept the country's short heat wave observed in July.

According to the Met Office, the end of the month should be marked by a return of warmer weather. September could even be the beginning of an Indian summer.

The weather forecast for the Met Office for next week is: "Every Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather will tend to become less uncertain, in the south and southwest, and the weather will get longer and drier."

The north seems ready to receive rain and strong winds, while the southwest heats up and dries up.

Forecasts continue: "During the remainder of the period, there are signs that pressure will be exerted west or southwest of the British Isles leading to increasingly sedentary conditions and warming conditions. especially in the south of the country, the north. "

In September, it is expected to be warmer and drier, with temperatures above average.

The meteorological forecast of the Met Office from August 29 to September reads as follows: "There are signs that strong pressures will dominate more and more the weather on the British Isles.

"The southern regions are best placed to experience the driest and sunniest early weather conditions, perhaps with persistent rain and wind conditions that may affect the north.

"However, longer periods of dry, sunny weather are expected to develop in all regions soon." The temperatures are generally warmer than average, although there is no indication that there is anything d & # 39; 39, exceptional for the moment. "

Other forecasters predict a torrid heat wave for the United Kingdom as we enter September with a tropical typhoon in Asia.

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The "super-storm" Krosa is heading for Japan and Russia off the Pacific and will collide with the Jet Stream, pushing a ripple towards Europe that will raise temperatures and decrease precipitation.

Forecasters say that the ripple will push the Jet Stream north of the UK, resulting in hot, dry weather from the mainland and Africa.

In the short term, Devon and Cornwall should receive heavy rains over the next few days.