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Mettler-Toledo recommends food companies to find out about future labeling requirements in good time.

With Great Britain’s exit from the EU, changes in the regulations for labeling foodstuffs intended for export to Great Britain also apply. Transition periods apply until October 1, 2022. Mettler-Toledo recommends that food companies inform themselves early on about the future labeling requirements and check whether and what effects they have on previous labeling and label inspection processes.

Within the EU internal market, it is mandatory to indicate the address of the manufacturer or seller based in the European Union on the packaging of food.

  • Until September 30, 2022 there is no need to change this contact information in order to sell the food in the UK. The product may be sold on the UK market if the packaging includes an address within the EU.
  • From October 1st, 2022 it is mandatory to provide UK contact details. Important: If the food company is not based in the UK, please provide the UK importer’s address.

Adaptation of the origin marking

For certain foods – such as meat, fruit and vegetables or honey – an origin label is required, whereby a distinction is made between the indications of origin “EU” and “non-EU”. Transition periods also apply here.

  • Until September 30, 2022 “EU” can still be used on UK products. However, this only applies to products that are intended for the UK market.
  • From October 1st, 2022 A distinction is to be made between “UK” and “non-UK” in the indications of origin and marked accordingly.

There are separate regulations for labeling of origin for olive oil and honey.

Northern Ireland Special Rules

For the Northern Irish market, the EU regulations continue to apply. However, changes to the label may also have to be made for Northern Ireland in the future.
All changes listed here are based on announcements by the UK government and have yet to be approved by the UK Parliament.
Food businesses can find more information on the UK Government website at: UK Government Handout on Food Labeling

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection markets visual inspection systems with which food companies can automatically check that the labeling requirements for their exports to Great Britain are free of errors. Get in touch with your Mettler-Toledo representative and find out how you can use visual inspection systems to minimize the risk of labeling and identification errors on products destined for the UK export market.

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