Mexican diplomacy was stunned by Trump

Donald Trump traveled to the border with Mexico to make his government epilogue: the wall.

Divisional, ethnocentric and devoid of diplomatic features, Trump found in the wall the supreme entity of personal semiotics that, like a brief tweet, facilitates understanding and manipulation among his followers who inhabit his little world.

The current president of the United States has left enough traces in his wake for history to see him as the worst president in the history of the country.

If on Halloween night 1938 the reading of The War of the Worlds caused panic among thousands of American listeners, since they intuited being victims of an extraterrestrial invasion, Trump’s tweets about the assault on the Capitol caused five deaths.

The same number of deaths that occurred in Quito, Ecuador, after listening to an episode of the novel by Herbert George Wells.

The worst scenes of the US president during his administration appear in Trump’s epilogue.

It was divisive because in the controversy it found its roadmap. Without controversy, social networks are discouraged, that is, they are left without a soul.

He was ethnocentric because by promoting irrational nationalism he was able to better control the population. The same that suffered the externalities of tariffs.

He was a president lacking in diplomacy because he thought himself unique in the world.

Stephen Dando-Collins writes an analogy between Caligula and Trump in his book Caligula: The Mad Emperor of Rome (Ed. The Sphere). “They share sociopathic traits because they exhibit an apparent lack of blush or guilt for what they say or do and neither Caligula nor Trump have felt remorse about their lapses, and joke about their bad behavior.”

Trump was divisive in Charlottesville, pointing out that in the clash between supremacists and anti-fascists there were good people in both groups.

He was ethnocentric when he followed the hateful guidelines proposed by Steve Bannon through the migratory veto of citizens of various nationalities just for being Islamists. Unlike Charlottesville, in this case, millions of Islamists were stigmatized by Trump as bad people.

He was not interested in cultivating diplomacy with Mexico. On the contrary, he made public the words that no president of the United States had ever dedicated to Mexicans: rapists.

Presidents Peña Nieto and López Obrador never used diplomacy to curb Trump’s hateful rhetoric against Mexico.

The famous pride of the Mexican Foreign Service (SEM) will be marked by its complicit silence.

The SEM diplomats were silent on the day that Luis Videgaray presented Jared Kushner with the distinction called the Aztec Eagle. The SEM diplomats are also complicit in the words of thanks that President López Obrador dedicated to Trump on his trip to Washington last year. Thanks for Trump’s good treatment of Mexico. What?

“I want to thank the great president of Mexico. He is a great gentleman, a friend of mine. President (López) Obrador is a man who really knows what is happening. He loves his country and also loves the United States” (AFP) Trump said yesterday with the wall of pathetic scenery.

Faced with Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexican products, President López Obrador modified his immigration policy and imposed one inspired by Jeff Sessions and his Zero Tolerance.

Trump’s passage through the presidency is a warning for Mexico. The need to diversify strategic alliances is not optional.

If we don’t understand it with the wall, we won’t have a solution.

Trump leaves, hate remains.


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