Mexican personalities who have already received the vaccine against Covid-19

This Monday the first stage of vaccination against Covid-19 in Mexico for people over 60 years, and some personalities from both the artistic and cultural fields have already received their first dose.

Between the celebrities who came to be inoculated in the last three days are the singer Enrique Guzmán and the first actress Ana Martí.

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The interpreter of The plague attended the facilities of the Family Medicine Unit number 22 of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) in the mayoralty of Magdalena Contreras, Mexico City.

“Yesterday, February 15, I received the first of the 2 vaccines for Covid-19. Up to this moment, THERE IS NO REACTION OR ANY ANNOYANCE “, wrote the singer in his account of Twitter where he also exhorted his followers to get vaccinated as his wife already did.

“I do not know what the result is, what must be avoided is that there is this pandemic. If nothing happens, we will have to continue suffering, but if this helps us to defeat the bug, we are in the best disposition. If you do not do it, the epidemic will never end, “he said after inoculating.

Another who received the injection against Covid-19 it was Ana Martin who shared in his account Instagram a video where she is seen formed along with others older adults waiting to be vaccinated.

The actress, remembered for her participation in the telenovela Oyuki’s sin, he assured that he did not present any type of reaction after immunization.

“I have already been vaccinated, everything in order, all very disciplined. The wonderful doctors, the nurses, the ones who helped us. I am very happy and now praying to God that all of you get vaccinated. Please register to get vaccinated as soon as possible, “he said in the video posted on his red social.

He asked his followers to be patient to be vaccinated and continue taking safety measures to avoid contagion. The 74-year-old actress registered three weeks ago for being part of the group of the seniors. He obtained token number 016 and did not wait long for his turn, he said.

Journalist Sergio Aguayo, 73, was also among the first to be inoculated. The political analyst also denounced little organization, although good disposition on the part of the medical staff and of the citizens who came to get vaccinated.

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“The wait is over. They already gave me the vaccine. While I hope there are no symptoms (…) Everyone who tended to us put their best effort. On April 20 they will give me the second dose ”, he declared.

Waiting for the vaccine

The actress Lupita Sandoval, who fell ill in December Covid-19, said she was ready to be immunized. “We are going to see the reactions of the former, if there are not many who feel discomfort, all that will serve as a model,” he said in an interview.

Sandoval shared that her family was also infected and had difficulty fending for herself. “Now I am very calm, I am already registered because I am of the third age and when I get the vaccine I will go. I’m going to get vaccinated, I already lived it and I was very lucky that it was not mortal so all of us who have gotten sick are in danger of getting infected again, “he said.

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According to the head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, in the 70 vaccination centers against Covid-19 who are in the capital, more than 63,000 elderly people have been vaccinated since Monday.

As of today, the capital accumulates 527 thousand 111 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 32,895 deaths from the disease, with an increase of 3,434 new infections in the last 24 hours and 281 new deaths.

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