Students between 12 and 16 years old from Technical High School No. 1 Xicohtencatl Axayacatzin, from the State of Tlaxcala, participated in the 2019 edition of the international English Olympiad British English Olympics (BEO World), designed and endorsed by doctors in education at the University of Oxford in London, England.

Mexican students, chosen from more than 50 public and private schools in the country, competed with 3 thousand 977 students from more than 200 schools in countries like Brazil, Russia, Peru, Turkey, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Venezuela, Portugal, Ecuador , China and Argentina.

The goal of BEO is to measure and strengthen the skills of the best schools in the world in the English language, while fostering the development of leadership; teamwork; decision-making capacity; security and confidence when speaking in public, and other skills to face the academic and professional life.

The students of the state of Tlaxcala, Ayedna Melissa Hernández Sevilla; Astrid Denisse Palacios Rogelio, Laura Valentina Morales Rodríguez; Sandra Anahí Netzahual Vigueras and Jesús Pulido Santillanes, and the English teacher, Eli Alvarado Valencia, agreed that the coexistence and cultural exchange with the participants is, without a doubt, the most valuable of this important educational experience, since it allowed them to know different cultures, open their horizons and confirm that they can go very far if they decide to do so.

During their participation in the debate competition, they verified the effort and the academic potential of the students that participate there. However, they persisted in giving their points of view and opinions to enrich the debate and demonstrate that in Mexico there is also an exceptional educational achievement that is worth teaching to the world.

The participants could learn about the cultural richness of the city of London, its parks, museums, historical monuments and other emblematic sites, as well as the campus of the University of Oxford, one of the most prestigious and important worldwide.