Mexico registers 596 new deaths from Covid-19 and 5,499 confirmed infections

The federal Ministry of Health reported this Wednesday, April 7, 5,499 new confirmed cases of Covid-19, giving a cumulative of 2 million 261,879 infections in the country.

Meanwhile, the death toll it amounted to 20,598, after 596 new deaths were reported.

At a press conference at the National Palace, the general director of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía, estimated that the epidemic at the national level is made up of 25,855 active cases that began to present signs and symptoms in the last 15 days.

In the country, a nasopharyngeal sample has been taken for a PCR test from 6 million 191,679 people in public hospitals and health kiosks.

The health authority detailed that 1 million 798,657 people have recovered of the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Hospital occupation

Of the 31,137 general beds for critically ill patients Covid-19, 5,464 (18%) are employed throughout the country. According to the agency, the 32 states have an occupancy below 30 percent.

Meanwhile, of the 10,897 beds with mechanical ventilators for critical Covid-19 patients, 2,343 (22%) are occupied in the country. The Secretariat reported that four entities in the country have an occupancy between 30 and 49% occupancy, and the rest less than those percentages.


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